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Data Driven Archives - CloudCall

man using natural language processing technology on phone

Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Recruitment

By | Recruitment, Technology

In my previous article I covered some of the interesting Artificial Intelligence trends I see currently in the recruitment market.

I’d like to dive a little deeper into one of these areas that’s come to the fore recently as we at CloudCall look to extend our offering and provide improved insights for our customers. In this article I’ll examine ways in which natural language processing (NLP) techniques can be used to reveal interesting information. This information may be embedded in your systems but isn’t immediately apparent or relevant. It’s all about understanding your customer’s voice and allowing you to better tailor your solution to meet their needs.

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woman communicating on laptop in coffee shop

Why poor communication is holding your business back

By | Communications
It’s a fact: poor communication holds businesses back.

How productively your business runs, relies on how well your teams can communicate and collaborate by collecting and using data. Sounds simple, right?

If your business loses focus on seamless communication; it’s not only performance which could plummet, but customer experience too.

52% of businesses rank increasing collaboration amongst teams as a priority.

Does yours?

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male looking at cloudcall dashboards

CloudCall dashboards at a glance

By | Product
To get the most out of your team and drive them towards achieving improved results you will need to measure their performance. Management dashboards have long been the go-to for monitoring high-level performance. They allow you to filter down data, highlighting only the key elements that provide valuable insight into a team’s success. CloudCall dashboards are a handy way to get a quick overview of your businesses KPIs in one place. By pulling data from different reports, a dashboard provides easy to understand metrics. So, when you’re short on time or just need a brief update on performance at a glance, you’ll be able to find everything you need, quickly.

Getting an up to date, instant snapshot of your business’s performance is just one of the benefits of using dashboards. You can also easily identify and rectify downward trends, track efficiencies and set goals with information from your call data.

Real-time monitoring of relevant data throughout the day allows setbacks in performance to be identified as they occur. And might enable deeper issues to be realised and corrected. Sharing dashboards with a team can also encourage motivation, productivity and provides clear goals. 

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