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Flexible working during the holidays

By | Management, Productivity, Recruitment

This holiday season, flexible working is going to be more important than ever. After the restricted festive season of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is predicted that more people will be traveling to visit family across the country. And end of year celebrations are going to be bigger than anything we’ve seen before. All of this is likely prevent at least some of your workers from being able to get to the office. And if you’re letting your teams take their work home with them, it’s important that they have the tools to be able to work effectively.

Working remotely shouldn’t mean giving up management visibility, or quality of work. If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that remote working is a powerful tool if implemented correctly.

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5 Tips to Improve Your CRM System Efficiency

By | Productivity, Technology

CRM systems have taken a significant role in all companies – from start-ups to big corporations. Sales teams use it to manage their pipelines. Sourcing teams use it to manage their suppliers. Support teams use it as their knowledge base. Some companies even choose to integrate their accounting system into their CRM, in order to have a 360˚ view of their customer profiles. Here, we will break down five ways to improve CRM system efficiency.


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two women workers discussing crm habits

CRM habits to break, so you don’t break your boss!

By | Sales

You use your CRM every day, and you have a routine down. You know exactly how you fill out all the fields and organize all your information. It may make perfect sense to YOU, but some of your habits are probably driving your boss crazy! So, what are the most common CRM habits that are guaranteed to be drive any boss up the wall? And how can you break them?
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