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woman remote onboarding on laptop

Top tips for the best remote onboarding

By | Remote Working

Remote work has grown 173% since 2005, 11% faster than the rest of the workforce. Over half of the workforce holds a job that could be done, at least partially, from home—and employers are increasingly allowing it on a more permanent basis as a result of the required remote working due to Covid-19. In addition to reducing health risks, remote work has been shown to increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, decrease turnover, and save money. As more employers realize these benefits, many expect remote work to become more common after the dust settles from COVID-19. As a result, remote onboarding programs are being implemented in businesses all over the world.

But, as we’ve come to see, remote workers have different needs than office workers. They need the right office set-up to perform their jobs, but within the confines of their home. They can’t walk down the hall to a colleague’s desk to ask a question, so they need tools that enable communication. And because they don’t physically come into an office, so they need to know when they’re expected to be available virtually. Their employee experience is different, and they need unique programs to support them. This begins with a strong employee onboarding program.

A good onboarding program is key to getting your new employee up and running in no time. Although, don’t rush it. A good onboarding process can take months.

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sales team selling to referrals

Do’s and don’ts of selling to referrals

By | Sales
We all know that referrals are a great way to sell. Despite the varying statistics on the conversion rate of referral sales, it’s generally agreed that they convert somewhere around 50%. This is much more successful than cold calling.

Unfortunately though, too many salespeople don’t ask for referrals or squander the referrals they get. So, we’ve put together a list of tried and tested do’s and don’ts for selling to referrals.

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two women workers discussing crm habits

CRM habits to break, so you don’t break your boss!

By | Sales

You use your CRM every day, and you have a routine down. You know exactly how you fill out all the fields and organize all your information. It may make perfect sense to YOU, but some of your habits are probably driving your boss crazy! So, what are the most common CRM habits that are guaranteed to be drive any boss up the wall? And how can you break them?
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female with boosted productivity

Top tips to boost your productivity

By | Productivity
Hands up if, at the end of the day, you disappointedly look at your to-do list, see all the unfinished tasks, and wonder why. After a day that felt so busy, it turns out you just weren’t as productive as you’d have like. In the modern office environment, problems with focus and productivity are something almost everyone can relate to.

So, what’s stopping us from being the most productive version of ourselves? Let’s take a look at the top productivity pitfalls, and how to prevent them….

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