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Takeaways from RecExpo London 2019

Last week at the 2019 Recruitment Agency Expo in London, hundreds of recruitment professionals all gathered to learn, share, and discover new ways of working that can help boost their growth on personal and company levels.

Recruiters have unique workflows, so they require the latest technology to help them beat their competition.     

What is important to take from this event? 
  • Recruitment technology is everywhere — there are countless tools that recruiters can utilize to improve their cycle and make placements faster  
  • Products and services available at RecExpo tend to be complementary instead of competitive 
  • Relationships between suppliers are seemingly built on mutual trust and are driven by each other to succeed and grow  
  • Recruiters were excited to collaborate, share ideas, and gain more knowledge 
  • Additionally, the human element is a huge factor in being successful in recruitment  

Many of the talks and presentations were focused on learning, development, and inclusion. There was no one better to open the Recruitment Agency Expo than Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo.  Her keynote presentation on ‘Creating a Strategy for Growth’ looked at the key trends that will dominate 2019, and the importance of creating effective strategies for growing your business. Every recruiter is looking to turn ‘Candidates into Cash’ and this is what Jason Martin from Access Group covered in his road map for success as the industry faces talent shortages, pressures of compliance and the uncertainty of Brexit in his presentation. On both event days, Alex Moyle and Louise Triance from Inspire Recruitment hosted the #InspireRecruitment for Recruitment Leaders sessions, which included 6 speakers in just 35 minutes. Feeding into the hot topic of the future of recruitment, Natasha Oppenheim from No Desire to Retire shared her thoughts on how the changes in demographic and technology will change the workforce in the next 10 years.

On Day 2, James Payne from Erecruit discussed how to tackle the skills shortage head-on by scaling your business using the latest technology during his talk, ‘Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent with the Right Tools’. Simon Dobson from Bullhorn shared his thoughts on how you can automate part of the recruitment workflow and get ahead of your competitors with his presentation, ‘The Rise of the Robots and the Role of the Recruiter’.

What was the biggest takeaway from this conference?

Use technology and data to enable, but prioritise human relationships. Automation, bots, and multi-channel communication should drive human interaction and enhance relationships. 

This year’s RecExpo was nothing short of inspiring. Our entire team took a chance to enjoy the best the recruitment sector had to offer.

Conference Takeaways Authored by: James Marscheider

Featured Image: Recruitment Agency Expo via Twitter

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