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Capture all conversations with voice, text and instant message directly from your CRM.

Reach the top talent first and develop and maintain vital relationships with candidates and clients using CRM integrated communications.

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Industry Roundtable Lunch: Texting & Recruiting – Does it Work for You?

Friday Nov. 9, 12:00 – 1:15 PM  | Calusa Terrace Table 4

Hosted by John MacVarish V, CloudCall VP North American Sales

Revolutionize the conversations you have by speaking to candidates and clients the way they prefer. Reach the top talent first with faster communication methods that are more likely to elicit a reply.

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Advantages of CloudCall Unified Communications for Recruiting:

Fly Through Tasks
with click-to-call from within your CRM, LinkedIn, and the web. Add tear-sheet power dialing and more to boost results.
Amplify Your Outreach
Make calls, send SMS and instant messages from a single platform and automatically sync interactions to the contact record.
Work Anytime, Anywhere
With the CloudCall Go! mobile app, reach your CRM contacts directly from your mobile device.
Follow Up Efficiently and Consistently
With pre-recorded voicemail drops. Store up to 5 recordings and leave a message with one click.
Effective Team Collaboration
Coordinate with colleagues via instant messaging and log relevant chat sections about candidates and clients. Sync all valuable interactions into your CRM.
Never Fumble Inbound Calls
As CloudCall automatically pops open CRM records and note pages on inbound calls.
Personalize Your Communications
Use SMS to send personalized messages from your CRM and reach candidates without sacrificing data capture.
Reach Candidates Everywhere
Communicate with a global audience by sending text messages to candidates and clients worldwide.
Capture All Interactions
With each conversation, details are automatically saved in your CRM. Easily access call recordings and messages directly from the contact’s record.
CloudCall’s VoIP telephony seamlessly integrates with CRMs, leading to greater productivity and higher visibility. Manage and measure your calling activities directly from your CRM.
Expand your communication channels to include SMS, providing a simple method of reaching candidates and contacts. Messages are automatically captured as whole conversations and stored in your CRM, providing a full picture of every interaction, at every level.
Drive collaboration with Instant Messaging. Toggle with one click to save relevant interactions or chat segments to candidate and contact records.
CloudCall for Bullhorn
Measure Your Success
with access to real-time dashboards and analytics around your team’s KPIs. Provide a full view of metrics around your team’s calling and messaging activities.
Capture Best Practices
Monitor or join calls in real-time to provide guidance.  Share recordings of successful calls and best practices, for more effective onboarding, training, and employee retention.
CloudCall for Bullhorn

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Some of CloudCall's Staffing and Recruitment Integrations

The Business Value of CloudCall

Advantages of CloudCall Unified Communications for IT & Engineering Staffing:

Our consultants spend the majority of their day on calls, and CloudCall makes the process incredibly swift and straightforward. Further, CloudCall gives managers and consultants easy access to recorded calls, which is a vital training tool that provides a huge benefit to our staff.

Claudine EastwoodHead of Operations, Harrington Starr

One of the big benefits the CloudCall integration into our CRM is decreased ramp times for new employees, and a higher degree of confidence that we are putting the best quality conversations and the best quality product in front of our customers every day, because we can coach that.

Ryan MurphyVice President, Bullhorn

CloudCall gave our leadership the insights necessary to bring our reps, both in office and remote, to higher level of performance and overall success.

Michael TostoNational Recruiting Director, Harvey Nash