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4 Reasons to Text Your Sales Prospects

Text messaging, as a business communication channel, has surpassed email when head-to-head for open rates and conversion. So, does texting improve sales? 

Sales professionals can integrate the power of SMS directly into their current software and by doing so, companies can track the valuable data that comes from business SMS. With the added convenience lending to higher conversion rates it’s no surprise that professional communication through texting is increasing.  

When building a relationship with your prospect, make sure that you ask them if they would be OK with you texting them. They will probably say yes, considering 55% of text message users say they would prefer to receive a text over a phone callBut before you start texting, remember never to text a prospect that you have not spoken to on the phone with first. Texting before a call can decrease the likelihood of reaching that lead.

Additionally, once you build a relationship – the more likely they are to respond. How often do you answer a text from someone you don’t know? 

Here are 4 reasons to start texting your prospects: 

1. Text a prospect who recently posted something interesting on their LinkedIn profile. Whether it was a company-wide announcement or a personally written article, they will appreciate the kind note and this also shows that you are paying attention to them. This is a great, genuine way to build rapport with a prospect.  

2. Thank someone for recently downloading an eBook, case study, or other piece of your Marketing team’s collateral. Once an initial relationship has been established, you can start texting a prospect that has revisited your site for information to build a relationship with them. Ask for their thoughts on the content they received, so that you can gauge their interest and benefit from their feedback.      

3. Follow-up after a conference or meeting. Recently came face-to-face with your prospect? That’s a great opportunity to follow-up with a brief message. In addition to a quick follow-up, the best way to prompt a response from a prospect would be asking a question that can be answered.  

4. Ask quick questions that merit quick responses. Texting can lend itself to brevity, so if you are trying to keep it short and sweet – send a quick text. For example, confirm a meeting time so that it doesn’t get lost in someone’s email inbox. As you already know, most people always carry their phones with them. 

Texting can be a useful professional tool for so many reasons, such as converting prospects into customers.  

PS – Although texting is a great way to build relationships, here are some words of warning: leave out the emojis/gifs when using text for professional use and stick to texting within business hours. Also, do not send a text asking someone why they didn’t answer your email. Instead, view this as a channel and another avenue for follow-ups.  

Use SMS capabilities from CloudCall to text and track engagement with prospects directly from your CRM.

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