The art of perfecting conversation: Tactics for Maximizing Your Communications

The Art of Perfecting Conversation: Tactics for Maximizing Your Communications

With an increasingly busy and fragmented communications landscape, are we at risk of losing the art of conversation? Technology is making it easier to communicate, but are we choosing the right channels, at the right time and are we conversing in the right way?

We explore these questions and provide key takeaways for having a good conversation such as:

  • Methods for communicating effectively and building rapport faster
  • A closer look at the communication channels we should be using and when
  • Tactics for using conversations to negotiate, train, and on-board

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Moshe Cohen
Boston University


Moshe Cohen has decades of experience as a teacher, mediator, and public speaker on the topics of negotiation, leadership, change management, influence, conflict resolution, mediation, facilitation, and communication. Moshe has worked at both local and international organizations and teaches a course, Negotiation and Leadership, in the MBA program at Boston University. Additionally, he lectures on Mediation in the Workplace at Cambridge College, and previously taught at Bentley College.

As a mediator, Moshe specializes in employment, workplace, and discrimination-related disputes, and over the years has mediated hundreds of matters ranging from multi-million dollar business to family business cases.

Cohen received a degree in Physics from Cornell University, followed by a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University. He would go on to getting an MBA from Boston University.

Jonathan Croft
Director of Sales

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