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The Best of CloudCall – Picked By Our Customers

It’s a new year and we wanted to take a look back at what our customers had to say about us and our platform. We’ve had some amazing feedback and just had to share it with you! Looking through our customer stories we discovered what mattered most to our valued customers. From having the ability to work from anywhere to saving money.

So, take a look at the best of CloudCall – handpicked by our customers.

Work from anywhere

“One of the biggest things that we sell when we recruit individuals for our company is, being able to work anywhere. All you need is a laptop and internet connectivity.Partnering  with Bullhorn and CloudCall has allowed us to do just that.” – Gene Brown, CEO at OfficeWorks

“CloudCall Go! is huge for us. We never had a mobile application with our prior PBX. Just having that mobility and not having to hand out people’s cell phone numbers – that has been a huge benefit for us.”- Kevin McNally, Director of IT at Huffmaster

Keep all your conversations together

“CloudCall is more than just a telephone system. It integrates into all the different systems that we use.” – Spencer Trigg, Director, Quanta Consultancy Services

Be prepared for every call

“When inbound call notifications pop up on the computer screen to notify reps of incoming calls, they are no longer fumbling for details when they answer the phone.” – Katie Barr, Communications Director, Oasis HR

Never lose a conversation

“Being able to playback calls and getting insight into those conversations rather than relying on notes allows us to provide a much more comprehensive service to our customers.”- Katie Barr, Communications Director, Oasis HR

Save money

“One of the biggest results has been cost savings. Quanta has seen a significant reduction in expenditure since working with CloudCall. As we no longer needing to pay out for phone bills, hardware costs, support services and mobile expenses individually.” – Andrew Hale, IT Manager, Quanta Consultancy Services

Keep up to date with your team’s activities

“Switching over to CloudCall has given us more insight the ability to better manage our people.” – Kevin McNally, Director of IT at Huffmaster

Get up and running in no time

“The research and finding the right solution took up the most time. Once we identified CloudCall was the right company to use, it was quickly implemented.” – Stephen Gicquel, Managing Director and Founder, SLG

“Transitioning to remote working was very easy. It was just a case of mass mailing the people working in the home office saying here’s the link to download, here’s your login details and away you go.” – Chris Swain, IT Manager, MRL

Feel supported

“It’s a pleasure to deal with CloudCall, and I feel like I can talk to someone; they hear my concerns, and any issues are dealt with very promptly.” – Stephen Gicquel, Managing Director and Founder, SLG

If you have any questions about the CloudCall platform and what we can do to help your business, please contact a member of our helpful team here.

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