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The end of phone alone: how businesses can ensure their phone calls get answered

How often do you answer calls from unknown numbers?

With cold callers competing for our attention it’s no surprise that 67% of customers say they won’t answer their mobile phone if they don’t know who’s calling. For businesses that rely on phone calls to make sales, this presents a serious problem. Especially considering that 51% of businesses say voice telephony is the channel most likely to get attention and 47% report that it gets the best response rate. 

And in the age of business automation and digital savviness, people are looking for that personal touch, something that phone calls alone can’t provide.

Two ways to ensure your phone calls are being answered:

1) Send a text message or email before reaching out by phone 

One solution is to use a variety communication channels in conjunction with voice calls. Something as simple as sending a text message in advance of making a call. Not only does this provide customers with confidence that a call is legitimate, but it can also improve response rates. Customers may be busy during the day and a call can be disruptive when working. Exchanging a text message or two can allow schedules to line up between salespeople and customers, which keeps everyone happy.

2) Give customers the option to use their preferred communications channel. 

The same principle applies to inbound calls such as customer service or inbound enquiries. There are times, especially from a customer service perspective, that a phone call is the most effective way to resolve a situation. But there are also times when a call is not necessary.

When done correctly, a combination of multiple channels offers customers the option to use their preferred communication channel. This preferred channel can vary widely depending on the situation or the person involved. Giving easy access to alternative options mean when phone calls are the preferred channel, it will reduce call centre waiting times and only those who want to speak on the phone are those that are calling.

Employing these ideas can make your business stand out from the rest. Whether it’s by delivering great customer service experiences or respecting your customers time when making sales calls, these positive interactions can help to drive your business forward.

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