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The phone call is still king, the question is why?

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Call volumes are increasing

Pre-COVID, 68% of businesses reported that the number of inbound calls had actually increased in the last two years. In fact, customer facing companies reported a 12.6% rise over that period. But what has caused the growth in phone calls in an ever-increasingly digital world? Some businesses have attributed this rise to organic growth, whilst others believe it’s simply down to customer preference.

52% of the companies surveyed, who have experienced a rise in inbound contact consider this to be because customers wish to talk to a representative. However, 49% believe it’s because customers require an immediate response.

Customers have instant access to email, text and social media wherever they go, from their smartphones. It could therefore be believed that there is no place for the humble phone call. Our research has shown that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Customers would rather call to arrange appointments and resolve problems

Customers pick up the phone when they need help. In fact, 45% of customers prefer to use the phone to arrange or change a service call or appointment. That’s more than double the number who prefer web-based contact such as email (24%), and web forms or chatbots (20%). It is only when it comes to more minor matters, such as checking a delivery status, that self-service methods of contact are more widely used.

Managing queue times is crucial

Our research has shown that reducing wait times is recognised as the number one priority for call centres. In fact, nearly half of all businesses say it will be crucial to their success. Discover how CloudCall can help ensure every conversation with your customers is a good one. Download the new whitepaper for more insight.


*The Art of Conversation research was carried out pre-COVID.

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