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Today’s Job Market Moves Fast. You Need to Move Faster.

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Increase your speed with simple, fast & integrated communication directly from your CRM.

All businesses are currently undergoing some type of digital transformation. For staffing firms to deliver a great experience for both their clients and candidates, it is important to adopt new technology that helps deliver data, information and insight. Adopting new technology is critical for businesses to stay out of the dark and ahead of their competition. Without the right tools, slow-to-adopt firms will inevitably fall behind.

Today’s job market, favoring job seekers, is moving faster than ever before. As a result, recruiters face new pressure to hire faster or miss out on top quality candidates. So, what is the best way to stay ahead of the quickly moving job market? Investing in new technology.

Cutting the cord

You probably already know how long it takes to pick up a desk phone and use it to make a call. It’s less than 10 seconds. That’s obviously not a lot of time, but it certainly adds up when recruiters spend the entire day on their phone calling clients and candidates. Desk phones fulfill a simple purpose, but often don’t exceed expectations. To speed up the calling process, enter click-to-dial. Clicking on a phone number takes less than one second. That’s why companies are dropping their desk phones and using telephony services so that they can click-to-call and dial faster than their competitors.


Don’t let notes slow you down

Writing notes on post-its and notebooks may seem like the best way to make sure an important thought or message doesn’t get deleted – but how many times do recruiters take the time to sit down and log those notes into their CRM, if they log them in at all? Re-typing notes is time consuming – and time is valuable in a fast-moving job market. Saving time from additional admin work frees up your recruiters to make more calls to candidates.


Why switch between desk, computer and mobile phones when you don’t have to?

Navigating between notebooks and desk phones is time consuming and utterly confusing. Key information gets lost in notebooks and additional admin work adds extra hassle. Move faster by integrating your phone system with your CRM. Implementing time saving and efficiency driving solutions will allow your firm to establish a competitive advantage.


SolutionIntegrate voice and text into your CRM with CloudCall Unified Communications.


  • Dial or message directly from your CRM – integrated, simple, faster
  • CloudCall Go – able to continue the conversation where ever you are – on your mobile, syncing back to your CRM seamlessly
  • All communications stored and logged within your CRM for future reference

If you need faster and smarter communications for your team, schedule a demo with CloudCall and experience the benefits of integrating your phone with your CRM.

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