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Understanding customer frustrations

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The festive season is the busiest time of the year for many. The increase in customers often provides a welcomed boost to sales figures to end the year. But, as good as that all sounds, an increase in customers can also mean an increase in customer issues. Understanding customer frustrations will help to solve any issues, quickly.

Ensuring your customers can reach you during this time is vital. And with many of them looking to reach out in new ways, businesses must develop their use of mobile communications.

Your customers are demanding choice in how they get in contact with you. And, allowing them to chat to you online while still feeling confident that they will get a reply, is the key to success.

So, what frustrates your customers?

In our eBook ‘The power of combining data & communication: It Just Clicks’; we discuss the secrets of keeping your customers happy with some really useful stats from our very own research. We take a look at tactics for getting the most out of your conversations with your customers and what matters most to them. After all, isn’t customer satisfaction your main priority?

Let’s look at the stats:
  • 87% believe it’s important they can use the right method of contact for them at the right time.
  • 71% say it’s important they can text or use other channels if they don’t want to talk on the phone.
  • 68% of people surveyed feel frustrated if they contact a company and they do not have their account history to hand.
  • 50% often find it hard to find the right time to talk on the phone, meaning that 56% of people would like to be able to request a call back.

One of the key themes from the research suggests that businesses must increase the use of mobile to allow their customers to talk to them, without actually talking. Think SMS, live chat, and the like.

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Likewise, not having the tools to be able to resolve issues quickly can affect your customers. Many can have strong emotional reactions to sub-standard experiences of contacting your business.

So, what happens when things go wrong?

Another of our eBooks, ‘Perfecting the Art of Conversation With Your Customers,’ looks at how to understand customer frustrations, and communicate effectively when things aren’t going to plan.

Let’s have a closer look at some of them now:
  • 60% of customers turn to email because it’s ‘on record’ and unpressurised, and 52% use it because they can take some time to think about what they want to say.
  • However, 42% worry it won’t get the response they need fast enough or if they’ll get a response at all. In fact, 35% of those surveyed followed up with an email straight away by another channel.
  • 56 % of customers use the phone as they believe it is the fastest way to get a definite response.

Combining data and communication

There are great advantages to keeping all your communication data together.

Being unable to resolve a problem or poor treatment can affect your customers, who have real and powerful emotional reactions to not having a satisfactory experience contacting your business.

Syncing call data back into your CRM system solves this problem by keep all customer information in one easily accessible place. Having access to everything you need for great conversations naturally builds better relationships, keeping your everybody happy and avoiding customer frustrations.

At CloudCall, we can do this, and a whole bunch more. So, why not get in touch with a member of our friendly sales team? They’re here to talk you through our wide range of features designed to keep your customers happy.

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