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Unlock the potential of your phone system in 2022

By May 4, 2021Product, Sales
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For most Sales Teams, their phone system is the most essential element of their work.

It’s the beating, ringing heart of their operations and vital to success in 2022. So why let it hold you back?

CRM applications can increase revenue by up to 41% per sales representative

If you have relied on a phone system alone, or haven’t been using the full range of features available to you, then you could be missing out on a whole world of productivity.

CloudCall to the rescue

But luckily for you, CloudCall is here.

We recently created an eGuide, just for you. It tells you how integrating your phone system with your CRM can unlock the potential of your Sales.

It’s called ‘No more phoning it in: solving Sales problems with CloudCall’.  Download your copy for free today.

If you have a CRM system and a telephony system, which aren’t linked when communicating, it means that you are not just losing time and money, but also tonnes of precious data into how your business and team are performing.

Unlock your potential

When you combine your CRM with your phone system, however, ‘a whole new world’ of efficiency is opened. Just think of a CRM integration as your magic carpet.

A CRM integration (such as CloudCall if we do say so ourselves) gives you a birds-eye view of what’s working and what could use improvement within your business, providing greater productivity throughout the team.

With all the calls, chats, texts and notes enabled and captured from your communications and stored directly within the CRM, suddenly every conversation is now a key, waiting to unlock the potential of your business growth.

Using a CRM can increase productivity by 34% and forecast accuracy by 42%

Managers and supervisors will gain a greater understanding of what their teams are up to and how well they are performing. CloudCall’s in-call features give leaders the opportunity to offer vital support during live calls.

CloudCall was built with Sales people like yourself in mind. Our integrations are full of features that ensure that you can push your sales further.

Do you want to know a bit more about how unlocking the potential of your phone system can open up a world of new productivity? We thought you might. You can download our eGuide here.

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