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What do customers want when they call?

It is (sometimes quite literally), the million-dollar question: ‘What do customers want when they call?’.

Do they want a call back? Or go through automated routing? Maybe they want to speak to a human? There are plenty of questions surrounding exactly what it is that customers prefer when communicating with businesses and luckily for you, we have some answers.

Keep your customers happy

We recently released our eGuide, ‘Keep your customers happy: The power of combining data and communication to build better relationships’. Our eGuide, which does what it says on the electronic tin; tells you how businesses can navigate multi-channel communications.

Our eGuide includes lots of data and research, from a series of research papers we commissioned, to explore how businesses are using the phone to have more productive communications with customers.

But handily for you, we have extracted some great tips and statistics from the report, where we examine why the use of telephony is increasing and how businesses are managing these changes.

56% of customers say they phone when they want a fast response.

In a world full of tweets, likes, emails, messages and videos; it’s easy to think that there’s no place left for voice telephony. But you’d be wrong.

Customers prefer to speak to a human when they call. In fact, 69% of businesses have seen an increase in inbound calls in the last two years alone. 49% of those businesses say it’s because customers want a faster response.

Our research found that nearly half of customers (45%), prefer to call to change or arrange an appointment or service call, which is double the number of those who prefer self-serve on a website (20%) or email (24%).

It’s important that as a business, you are listening to what your customers want. It’s clear that customers prefer to speak to an agent on the phone, so make sure that’s what you are offering them in the first instant!

What changes can I make?

68% of customers said they get really frustrated when a firm doesn’t have their account history to hand when they are contacted, with 80% experiencing this when they contact companies.

It’s important to make changes to keep your customers happy. Some changes to boost customer satisfaction are:

  • Giving customers access to the right channel at the right time
  • Having customer’s details to hand when they call
  • Reducing and taking control of call queue times
  • Following up calls with SMS

A telephony integration, such as CloudCall, will transform the processes you currently use with your existing CRM and will allow for the above changes to take place, quickly and easily.

Happy customers leads to a happy business.

It just clicks.

Businesses need to ensure, now more than ever, that they are delivering high levels of customer service, as well as understanding how their customers prefer to be communicated with. (Which a lot of the time, is by quality phone calls).

Find out more how CloudCall can make your communications more efficient and productive, here.

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