What our customers think about CloudCall - CloudCall

What our customers think about CloudCall

We built our integrations with our customers in mind.

We like to check with our customers, to see how they’re getting on with CloudCall, so that we can make changes to suit our customer needs.

We love speaking to our happy customers about their experiences with CloudCall, and we may ask them if they would like to take part in a case study.

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look below to see what our customers think:

CloudCall for Bullhorn – Allen Recruitment

Allen Recruitment wanted to expand the number of candidates they source, by looking at increasing numbers of international candidates mostly based in European countries.

Brian Cunningham, Managing Director at Allen Recruitment Consulting spoke to us about how CloudCall enables Allen Recruitment to source global talent.

“The beauty of working remotely is having flexibility, the CloudCall for Bullhorn integration gives us that.”

“CloudCall is so seamlessly integrated with Bullhorn, we don’t even notice it’s there. If it’s not integrated with Bullhorn, we don’t consider it.”

“Other platforms have integrations, but they’re not truly integrated with Bullhorn. For me, CloudCall is truly integrated.” – Brian Cunningham, Allen Recruitment Consulting.

CloudCall for Mercury xRM – Oakleaf

Oakleaf struggled with their traditional telephony systems, needing more accessibility and mobility from what they were using, to make the move to remote work.

Leighton Grant, IT/IS Manager at Oakleaf Partnership Limited told us how Oakleaf seamlessly swapped to remote working, with CloudCall.

“CloudCall has enabled us to capture the vital information we need from our calls, and they do it efficiently.”

“What we had wasn’t working. We had to get smarter, more intelligent with the way our telephony system integrated with our CRM.”

“CloudCall is a highly beneficial, multifunctional and adaptive solution, that has saved a lot of potential problems for Oakleaf. I’d absolutely recommend CloudCall to other agencies, it’s a seamless solution, providing next level integration for the recruitment process.” – Leighton Grant – IT/IS Manager, Oakleaf Partnership Limited.

And they’re not the only ones! You can take a look at what some of our other customers said, here.

But see what you think yourself, book in for a demo with one of our friendly team today!

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