Why Personalising Your Candidate and Client Conversations is Essential

Why You Should Personalise Your Candidate and Client Conversations

According to a recent survey carried out by Bullhorn, improving the management of client and candidate relationships is a top priority for 42% of recruiters. Managing those relationships often comes down to the quality of the conversations that you have.

Personalise Candidate Experience

You may be calling up clients to secure contracts, discussing parameters for candidate sourcing or conducting telephone interviews. Either way, your conversations are your business. So how can you make sure that your conversations make a good impression on your clients and candidates? How do you improve their experience?

With the amount of communications that you send out every day, it can be easy to slip into ‘one-size-fits-all’ responses. In today’s candidate-driven market, that isn’t going to cut it.  The growth of social media has greatly increased the amount of information available to you. Leading customer service expert, Shep Hyken, says “there is no reason to not create a more personalised experience that caters to a customer’s individual needs.”

For example, imagine receiving a call and as the phone rings, the caller’s details instantly pop up on screen. You’re only one click away from a full record of previous interactions, so you can carry on from where the last conversation finished, even if you personally haven’t spoken to, or even encountered, the caller before. You’d show the caller that your agency is prepared, professional and knowledgeable, improving their experience with your business.

It isn’t all about phone calls though.

You may text those in your talent pool whose skill-set corresponds to a specific vacancy. Or you could email clients personalised content that you know relates to their interests or industry. You may even decide to share a glimpse into your company’s values and culture using social media.

These examples are all based upon information that you either already have or can easily access, and would communicate and reinforce your principles with clients and candidates. These factors can make all the difference when contracts are up for discussion, or a candidate is wavering on which position to take.

A 2016 study by Forrester found that, across a wide array of industries, companies that focused on their customers’ experience grew their revenues 14% higher than those who didn’t. Simply improving the quality of your communications and conversations can go a long way towards improving your candidates’ journeys. Make sure that your candidates aren’t part of the 31% who rated their overall hiring experience as just one or two stars out of five (Talent Board, 2016), and personalise your communications.

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