Women In Tech: London Tech Week With Leaders Redefining the Future

Women In Tech: Celebrating London Tech Week with Leaders Redefining the Future

We were honored to sponsor the Salesforce Trailblazer Community Group London Women in Tech Event, which took place last week to celebrate London Tech Week.  

Octopus Group’s offices were abuzz with ladies (and gentlemen) from across the Salesforce community. Everyone was feeling energetic and ready to talk about hot topics around Women in Tech, career paths, networking and knowledge sharing. 

Creating your personal brand 

First up was Stacey Torman, VP Communications, Customer Success Group at Salesforce, who focused on the topic, ‘Creating your personal brand’. Stacey walked through a thought-provoking and interactive presentation, which encouraged us to think about what ‘personal brand’ means to us. We focused on our strengths and professional identities. Using a quirky visual representation of ourselves as a box, we thought about what would be on it and inside it. 

During the energetic presentation, Stacey offered invaluable advice such as the importance of creating your own elevator pitch. Stacey encouraged “to build the heck out of your brand!” and talked through the benefits of sourcing a mentor. 

Next up was Jodi Wagner, Solution Engineer at ShellBlack.com, and her first slide simply said; #iamremarkable but the empowerment in this presentation didn’t stop there. Jodi talked about the importance of self-reflection, which makes us remarkable and the value we bring to the workplace.  

For difficult conversations, such as asking for a raise or a promotion, Jodi shared great tips and tricks on how to remember our achievements to reinforce confidence. For example: journaling or keeping a ‘brag file’.  

Jodi also discussed the cold hard facts surrounding women in tech and the limited number of females in high powered roles, revealing that there are more CEOs in the UK named ‘John’ than there are female CEOs. This isn’t hard to believe when just 17% of those working in technology in the UK are female. 

The event wrapped up with Jodi empowering the audience to say why they were remarkable, a brilliant end to an insightful evening. A big thank you to Salesforce for allowing us to sponsor such a fantastic event! 

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