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Your recipe for the perfect CRM

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With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s easy to get wrapped up in preparations. But you can’t forget about the needs of your business. And that’s where ensuring you have the perfect CRM for the job comes in.

CRM systems have taken a significant role in all companies – from start-ups to big corporations. Sales teams use it to manage their pipelines. Sourcing teams use it to manage their suppliers. Support teams use it as their knowledge base. Some companies even choose to integrate their accounting system into their CRM, to have a 360˚ view of their customer profiles.

There’s no doubt that a good CRM system is a must have for a business. But with so many on the market, offering various tools, features and integrations, hard to know what’s right for you.

The most important thing to consider is your business’s priorities. Then, think about what tools or features are critical to address those priorities. The perfect CRM system for you will cover all key activities including: making calls, pursuing opportunities, managing major accounts, and helping to target top prospects.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’ve prepared a recipe for the perfect CRM System just for you, you’re welcome!

A CRM system is a valuable asset for any business. Why? Well, it can help to organize and manage all of your customer information from one single source. And it creates a historical record of all interactions with each customer, which is accessible to all relevant team members. It can also incorporate diaries so that all events and tasks are logged and visible to everyone in the business. It can even provide metrics so that businesses can get a detailed picture of their customer data, helping in forecasting and planning for the future.

CRM systems can be customized by integrating other applications and tools. And these three integrations are key:
  • Marketing automation: There are a number of marketing automation tools available in the market today. Marketing automation tools automate key marketing activities for a range of channels – email, social media, SMS, and website pages. The main goal of marketing automation is to nurture prospects and improve the quality of leads that are being sent to a business’s Sales team. This ensures that customers have a consistent and informed journey throughout the buyer process.
  • Telephony integration: Using a CRM-telephony integration enables businesses to quickly call customers without leaving their CRM, using click-to-dial functionality. This saves the user’s time, which can be used to make more calls and, therefore, have more conversations. Functionality such as inbound call notifications let teams know exactly which customer is calling, allowing them to personalize their communications. A CRM integration with telephony also records and logs all call activity, providing businesses with the ability to revisit calls for training purposes.
  • Analytics: Analytics tools can give businesses the capability to monitor their employees’ performance on an individual or team level. This opens them up to insights that will help to enhance their employees’ productivity, and make better business decisions.

At CloudCall, we know that the key to a perfect CRM is efficiency. So, we would also like to share 5 tips with you that help us to use our CRM system efficiently…

Keep your data up to date
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All businesses evolve very quickly. Some new businesses are created, some disappear. If you are in the B2B industry, you probably know that the data needs to be updated because prospects can join and leave their companies regularly. A contact base does not have any value if your data is not accurate. For this reason, it’s important to do a bit of work to make sure that your data is constantly updated. For example, if you are doing some marketing campaigns and some emails have bounced, don’t wait to clean the data and remove them straight from your CRM system. There are also tools that can integrate with your CRM system to keep your data accurate. For example, tools to facilitate the credit checking of your customers, tools that help you to update your customer segmentation (size, industry etc).

Make sure you involve your team in this exercise by calling customers and prospects that have not been in touch with you for a while. Take all the opportunities to update their details.

Fight for data quality

Data quality is not an easy piece of cake. Many people are interacting with your CRM system and data quality is not necessarily their priority. Stand up for this fight and lock the system as much as you can to force the people to input the right information that you need, which will help you to understand your customers: who they are, what they want, and the issues that they face. Designate gate keepers that will track bad data quality. Run reports and dashboards to highlight them.

If some of the data has a very low data quality rate, delete them. You will realize that keeping unnecessary records in your CRM will slow you down, more than anything, because good data will be hidden behind bad data.

Sometimes you or your team WILL have to spend time cleaning data. Instead of spending days on it, schedule small data cleansing on a regular basis.

Make it simple but efficient

CRM tools are very configurable. It is very easy to add fields into your system, or even workflows and processes. One of the most difficult targets to keep in mind is to keep the CRM system simple when business processes are getting complex. If not, with time you will end up with a lot of fields and processes that are barely used.

Even if it is not easy, try to keep your CRM system simple and intuitive for your teams. If needed, make some advanced customizations to adapt the screens per team. Involve the marketing or the UX and UI Designer to help you in making your internal users’ experience (UX) efficient and your user interface (UI) clear and simple to understand.

Integrate some tools that will increase your CRM system efficiency daily. A click-to-call tool will help you make calls easily and quickly and improve your activities. A knowledge base tool will help your support team have access to solutions with just few clicks.

Keep training your teams

We have learned that it is necessary to train our teams on a regular basis and can make a real difference. The business and processes are changing quickly, and you need to keep your team updated all the time.

Synchronize all of your communications

Finally, don’t forget to synchronize all of your communications with the customers and prospects in your CRM. Most of the CRM systems on the market provide tools to synchronize your emails with your CRM system. This will help you to easily read the interactions of your teams with specific customers, but also provides a lot of information to other teams.

Did you know that you can also synchronize your calls with your CRM systems? If you think about it, integrating your calls is even more important because you can always check on emails stored within your email inbox, but, unless you have the tool for it, you cannot come back to a non-recorded call. I’m sure you have already been in a situation where you discussed an arrangement with a customer, and you had to take notes about it.

CloudCall is here to help with all of this. We know that finding the perfect CRM isn’t an easy job. And we understand that some days you might not feel very thankful for your CRM system. But, we can help you understand why businesses need CRM, how other businesses use CRMs, how to advocate CRM user adoption, and what type of integrations can help customize your CRM to enhance your business processes.

To find out more, you can visit our blog, which is jam packed with helpful information, or you can get in contact with a member of our friendly sales team. Either way we hope you find your experience with CloudCall as enjoyable as your Thanksgiving turkey!

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