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Your 2022 new phone system wish list

By December 31, 2020Product, Technology
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The number of phone system providers has continued to grow throughout 2021. So looking for the perfect new phone system for your business in 2022, can be pretty daunting!

This wish list will give you the tools you need to evaluate which system is right for your business. And to make things simple we’ll stick to only covering VoIP or cloud-based phone systems.

But wait, what is VoIP?!

A VoIP system is a piece of software that runs all your phone calls through a platform on your computer. Because of this it requires no hardware- although desk phones can still be used. The service provider will run a server that hosts and maintains calls remotely. The only thing you’ll need to provide is a strong and stable internet connection.

Start by considering what features and functionally you want from your new phone system. There is a huge range of platforms available, and they will all give something a little different. It’s hard to know which system would benefit your business most if you don’t know which tools will actually be useful, so careful planning at this stage is very important.

Asking these six questions to get the ball rolling:

1. What is your team are doing repeatedly on a daily basis that could be automated?

Many phone systems offer integrations with other software which can simplify processes and increase efficiency. These additional features can range from click-to-dial functionally, to automatically saving call notes in a CRM system.

2. Could activities be recorded and reported on?

Spend some time thinking about all the activities you would like to measure and record, and how this could benefit your business. Both your management and training departments will be thankful for the extra data. For example: the number of calls a day, average time on a call etc.

3. How are your teams making calls – are they always located in one place, or on the go?

If your employees are likely to be out of the office, it’s important to ensure your new phone system can be used on the go. CloudCall, for example, has a mobile app to keep you connected wherever you are.

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4. Would you like to increase adoption of other business tools, such as a CRM system?

If you have other tools in the business which you would like your teams to use more, consider a phone system which integrates them. This could be a CRM system, through which all calls are saved and recorded, ensuing employees will use it more often.

5. Do you need to scale up and down easily?

If you expect your number of users to grow or shrink quickly, it’s good to consider a phone system that makes it easy to add or remove users.

6. What is your budget?

Budgeting is an important consideration as all options will come with their own set-up costs and ongoing costs. Cloud based systems will generally have lower upfront costs than a traditional phone system, but you should expect to pay a monthly subscription fee. You should also consider the cost of a higher bandwidth internet connection.

So, remember to prioritize the features which mean the most to your business. Ultimately, you should choose the solution that suits your business’s needs and complements your other software tools.

At CloudCall, we can do all of these things and more! So why not give a member of our friendly sales team a call, we might be just what you’re looking for to boost  your business in 2022.

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