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3 Steps to a Successful SaaS Partnership

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Here are 3 steps to a successful SaaS partnership

  1. Find a company that feels right for your organization – this is the holy grail when comes to choosing a partner. And this needs to work both ways. During the discovery process, both parties should ask critical questions about the other company’s plans, values and vision to ensure they align. These conversations can be the deal-breaker.
  2. The company needs to be in your target vertical or target market – with a top-notch reputation. It’s then important to come up with an arrangement that delivers real value to both sides.
  3. Both parties need to agree on is the approach towards customer service. If both sides align on this then it could be a partnership made in heaven. It’s important to remember that you need business partners who truly understand and agree on the goals of your mutual customers.

The importance of partnership for a SaaS business

Forming partnerships can be a huge asset for businesses when it comes to strengthening reach and message, as well as having the ability to broaden an addressable market.

Whatever it is you’re looking to achieve from your SaaS partnerships, there is an abundance of benefits to take advantage of, including:

  • Gaining access to a new ecosystem of potential clients
  • Leveraging strategic collaborations
  • Directly feeding new leads and new business to each other.

The unique thing about a SaaS partner program, compared to traditional channel programs, is that they are flexible. There are a few options to choose from based on how you want to interact with your chosen Partner:

  • Advocate partners –a low-touch partnership, where they might recommend your product and company generally to their customers when it makes sense
  • Referral partners– they pass leads to you in exchange for a commission, either per lead or per sale
  • Strategic partners– a high-value relationship, working together for common goals and aligned around the same values and messaging

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