Automate voicemails

Recording individual voicemails every time a contact doesn’t answer the phone is slowing your team down more than you think and delivering a consistent message that hits the mark isn’t easy, especially if they are on the go. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

What is Voicemail Drop?

Voicemail Drop is an advanced feature that allows users to leave pre-recorded voicemail messages with just a click of a button. This technology streamlines the process of reaching out to candidates, customers, prospects, or team members, enhancing communication efficiency and ensuring a more personalized touch. With CloudCall, users can record and store up to five voice messages, offering a diverse range of options to cater to specific communication needs.

Stop recording individual voicemails

If your team is in the business of making a lot of calls day after day you know that not every contact picks up. Whether the contact is in a meeting, on the move, or simply not feeling in the mood to take the call, it’s time to leave a voicemail. Save time, increase productivity, and redirect your energy with pre recorded, tailored voicemail messages you can leave with just a click.

Simple salutations

Voicemail drop is easy to set up and allows your team to move to the next call quickly knowing that the pre-recorded message they leave with a single click creates the right impression.

Bring your ‘A’ game everyday

Epic office fails are great stories to tell but they can have material affects on business.

Consistent messaging

Are you sure that your team is creating the right impression every time they leave a voicemail? Tailor messages to your audience with Voicemail Drop to deliver maximum impact and not have to worry about anyone going off-script.

Save time, every time

60 seconds might not sound like a lot, but this is the typical time saved for every voicemail that is left using Voicemail Drop. An individual leaving 12 voicemails each day can save over 4 hours per month which is around half a day.

On the go

Teams that are away from the office can often default to using their personal devices which means that each communication isn’t always captured, reducing visibility and increasing admin. With our mobile app you have CloudCall in your pocket including Voicemail Drop.

How does Voicemail Drop help my worklife?

Meet Margot*



“My favorite thing about Voicemail Drop is how it feels like I am leaving a personalized message that would normally take a long time to put together but I’m doing it with one click. More MIC DROP…boom than erm, erm, stumble.”

Meet Jerry*



“I use Voicemail Drop with the Power Dialer and find that combining these two things together helps me get through a tear sheet in record time.”

Margot and Jerry aren’t real but there’s 1000s of similar people out there just like them. And maybe you’re one of them. Maybe your team isn’t performing how you’d like them to perform. Maybe business goals aren’t being achieved. Or maybe you’re an agent wondering how you could make your work-life easier – more successful. If you are any of these – give us a call today and see how an integrated telephone could help.

More about Voicemail Drop

Enhanced Communication Efficiency

For experienced COOs and Technical Officers, efficiency is paramount. Voicemail Drop eliminates the need for manual voicemail recording, streamlining the communication process. With a click of a button, users can instantly deliver pre-recorded messages, saving time and effort in reaching out to multiple contacts.

Personalization at Scale

In the era of customer-centricity, personalization is a key driver of successful communication. Voicemail Drop allows users to deliver personalized messages in a scalable manner. By recording multiple versions of voicemail messages, businesses can tailor their communication to different target audiences, enhancing engagement and customer experience.

Consistency in Messaging

Inconsistent messaging can create confusion and disconnection with customers. Voicemail Drop ensures that the same message is delivered consistently across all interactions, reinforcing brand identity and building a strong brand image.

Time Management

Time management is crucial for professionals juggling multiple responsibilities. Voicemail Drop enables users to plan and schedule voicemail messages in advance, allowing them to allocate time efficiently and prioritize other critical tasks.

Personal Touch and Empathy

In business communication, demonstrating a personal touch and empathy is essential. Voicemail Drop allows users to record warm and empathetic messages, enhancing the human connection with customers and prospects.

Integration with CRM

Efficient data management is a critical aspect of modern telecommunications. Voicemail Drop seamlessly integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, allowing users to access customer information and track voicemail interactions, improving lead management and nurturing processes.

Improved Response Rates

Receiving a personalized voicemail message often prompts recipients to respond more favorably. Voicemail Drop increases the likelihood of callback and engagement, enhancing lead conversion and overall communication success.

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