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3 tips to get the most out of CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

By January 12, 2021Communications, Product

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular business products offering internal communications, document sharing and collaboration toolsWith many of us now working remotely, these features allow colleagues to work together by staying connected as if everyone was working in the office together. Teams is quickly becoming an essential part of work life for people around the world. 

CloudCall’s integration with Microsoft Teamsprovides additional functionality to the platform, allowing users to search their CRM systems contacts and make calls from directly within Microsoft Teams. All calls take place within your CRM system, so all our great features are still available for you to use.  

With any new platform or integration, it may take some getting used to. We’re sharing some handy tips to get the most out of the platform so you can become a savvy user in no time!  

Our 3 tips to get the most out of CloudCall for Microsoft Teams:

1. Work in real time with your colleagues 

Our integration means you spend less time switching between platforms when searching for contacts in your CRM. If you’re colleagues are asking you to share details, do it directly from Teams. 

2. Make calls from teams & sync calls with CRM 

Make calls directly from the contact card within Teams, automatically initiating the call in your CRM. And because it’s still using the CRM everything is automatically recorded and stored in the contact’s CRM record. 

3. Open a CRM contact record 

As well as starting a call, if the user has a CRM login, they can open the contact’s CRM record directly from the contact card with a single click. 

Bonus tip: Share your experiences with your team 

You may find a useful way to use the platform that’s specific to your business or industry. If you do, share it with your team so they can also benefit 

“Companies can use our solution to seamlessly recreate the office experience and empower their employees to communicate intuitively with their colleagues”Paul Clark CTO 

Learn more about CloudCall’s Microsoft Teams integration here or request a call back. 

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