A quick conversation with… Pete Hendrick, Managing Director, Octopus Group

In our first Art of Conversation Live podcast Marketing Services Director, James Marscheider, talks to Pete Hendrick, Managing Director of Octopus Group, a leading marketing and advertising agency. Through the art of conversation, this podcast will take you on a journey that will help you pivot your business and marketing strategy to the new world order, and beyond.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Key topics covered: 

  • The importance of brand and getting board buy-in
  • The power of using your eco-system of partners
  • Knowing your business, customers and values
  • Brand survival during COVID-19 and beyond: hints and tips
  • Measuring success – getting the balance right

Why should you listen to this podcast? 

If you want to hear interesting insight and top tips on how brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes can best operate in this challenging period, and take away practical ideas on how to think differently and put marketing at the front and centre right now, this podcast is for you.

 “Understand the different scenarios your business might find itself in over the next six months; best case, mid case and worst-case scenario and understand what triggers each one and what you do in each of those scenarios. This will give you confidence, awareness of timelines and not having a singular view on what the next six months hold.” Pete Hendrick, MD, The Octopus Group. 

Art of Conversation Live enables businesses to step into the lives of interesting people, with inspiring stories to tell, take a listen and learn something new today.