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Boost your pickup rates in 2022 with Local Presence

By November 27, 2020Communications, Product
boost your pickup rates

Are you looking for a way to boost your pickup rates in 2022? If so, we’ve got just 1 question for you…

Are you more likely to pick up a call if it’s from a local number?

Wherever you are in the world, unique area codes are used for specific geographic regions. These area codes make it easy to identify where the call is coming from. It could be local, from another part of the country, or from another country all together.

Research from Software Advice shows that people are four times more likely to answer a call from their local area.

It’s no surprise when you consider that local numbers are associated with friends, family, local businesses, and essential local services. Unknown area codes, however, tend to be associated with businesses that you don’t have a pre-existing relationship with. Or worse, scam callers – no thank you!

But have you ever received a call from a local number, and realized it was from a business outside of your area?

That’s the power of local presence

Because you recognized the local number, you were more inclined to answer the phone.

Many businesses are taking advantage of the familiarity the local presence feature provides to reach more customers.

You can establish familiarity and trust with the person you are calling by controlling the number that displays on their end. With an area code customized to your customer/client location, your phone call has a better chance of being answered.

What is Local Presence?

Essentially, local presence is a clever little feature that allows you to control the number that is displayed when you dial out. This means the call is shown as if it’s coming from a local number, even if it isn’t. Using local presence can benefit various teams, because familiar-looking numbers can boost the number of calls picked up by customers, clients, candidates, or anyone else!

By controlling the number that displays from outbound campaigns, your teams have the freedom to target specific markets. Even though the number is displayed with a local area code, all calls are automatically routed back to the user who made the call – wherever they are. And at CloudCall, we provide full ownership of the local number. So, you can assign it to anyone in your business.

How does Local Presence help recruiters?

The freedom to control your outbound presence enables your teams to target specific markets that may not have been available to them before.

As an example, think of a recruiter who has started working on a role in another country. Calling from a local number would mean they can represent the client and the role in the best possible way. This recruiter can also benefit from the increased pickup rate when calling potential candidates. Calling from a local number is also a great way to build rapport and familiarity. Ensuring there is a good relationship between recruiter and candidate.

Can sales teams benefit from Local Presence?

The same also applies to businesses that rely on calling prospective customers to make sales. If those calls can appear to be from the same region as the customer, they will be more likely to answer.

Unanswered calls not only have no sales value, but they also waste time and interrupt and agent’s flow. Therefore, anything that can increase answer rates is guaranteed to boost productivity and allow agents to spend more time doing what they do best.

Sounds like something you need right? Local presence is just the beginning. We have loads more great features to make your life easier. So, get in touch with a member of our team to find out how CloudCall boost your pickup rates, and more, in 2022.

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