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Choose to challenge yourself in 2021: Bullhorn Webinar

By March 5, 2021News, Recruitment

Our partner Bullhorn held a webinar on Wednesday 3rd March to celebrate Women in Recruitment, as part of an International Women’s Day event, which was sponsored by us here at CloudCall.

The informative and inclusive webinar was entitled ‘Choose to Challenge Yourself in 2021’ and focussed on how women can face and overcome challenges in the recruitment sector.

As the pandemic highlighted, many people face different challenges when it comes to both our personal and professional lives. One theme to come out of it has been managing priorities.

This webinar looked at how you can challenge yourself to prioritise you and your investment into developing others.

There were different discussions throughout the three-hour webinar which engaged in the following topics:

  • Effective communication
  • Reaching and leading at a C-Level
  • Balancing expectations and commitments

This was a chance for watchers to reflect and consider: how will you challenge yourself to reach your own goals in 2021?

Erin Meyer: exploring culture differences

The first section was led by Erin Meyer, International best-selling author and Professor. Erin spoke about culture mapping, what it means to be a good communicator and how to navigate misunderstandings.

Erin talked in depth about how different countries, societies and cultures have different ways of expressing themselves and communicating. For example, a pause in conversation may be awkward to some people after a few seconds, but doesn’t become awkward for others until about 12 seconds.

Erin explained about ‘implied communication’, how in a lot of cultures, people have to read between the lines of exactly what is being said vs what is implied. ‘Reading the air’, as she says.

C-Suite panel

The next section was a panel, featuring three C-Level women; Rika Coppens (CEO, House of HR), Janette Marx (CEO, Airswift) and Giovanna Fontana (Regional Finance Director, Manpower).

The panel looked back and discussed their own experiences and how they were able to overcome obstacles to get to where they are today. They spoke anecdotally about gender issues, challenges for women in tech and international examples of their own journeys.

They also discussed how to navigate the recruitment sector post-covid, insights on purpose and how to communicate effectively.


The webinar then came to and end with viewers being put into roundtables, small groups where you could discuss ideas and what they had learnt throughout the webinar, as well as sharing their thoughts, challenges and career aspirations.

The webinar ended with a quote ‘Let’s all #choosetochallenge’, to call out gender bias and inequalities in 2021.

To find out more about our partnership with Bullhorn, take a look here.

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