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Improving Efficiencies with Click-to-Dial

In today’s competitive recruitment environment, staff are contemplating the ways in which they can improve their productivity. Their telephone system, along with a CRM, is arguably one of the most important tools in their arsenal. Using a unified Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) within a CRM that works flawlessly in the backend is key to ensuring an efficient workflow. Click-to-dial is a function that allows calls to be made via VoIP with one simple action and by utilising click-to-dial it essentially ensures that staff are connected with the right candidate.

SaasList remarked on the significance of click-to-dial on efficiency stating that, “Every feature that saves an incremental number of seconds per call adds up, letting that staff member make maybe an extra call per minute, several more per hour and hundreds more per week. At the very least, it makes a mundane aspect of their work a little easier, allowing them to dedicate more energy towards connecting with the person on the other line.”2

Being able to search the CRM for a contact and having access to the phone numbers at the click of a mouse is not only convenient but eradicates the need to manually enter phone numbers and removes the chances of misdialling. There is a surprising amount of time wasted between finding a candidate’s phone number in the CRM, computer database or web search and manually entering it into the phone.


The Top 3 productivity enhancements with click-to-dial

  • Making calls via the CloudCall click-to-dial function increases productivity by decreasing time spent on tedious manual tasks
  • The downloadable CloudCall Chrome plugin allows every phone number you view online to become instantly clickable. This allows staff to click on numbers while prospecting for potential candidates all over the web
  • Capture all essential call information including notes and call recordings made through the CloudCall click-to-dial function directly into the CRM

What our customers think…

Joe Kelly, Chief Operating Officer of Talon Professional Services comments, “The (CloudCall) integration with Bullhorn is so easy to use, even the simple things like being able to click to dial on a phone number in Bullhorn, or anywhere online for that matter. When somebody makes a dial, that they can enter notes right into Bullhorn, which seamlessly get put into the files in our recruitment CRM. We can always have access to who we called, for which job, and see what the results of that call were without ever having to leave Bullhorn or go into a separate tool.”1

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