Hunt Group

A Hunt group is a feature that routes incoming calls to a company phone number to multiple phones within a designated group. When a call comes in, the system systematically distributes the call to available phones within the group, allowing any member to answer the call. This feature is particularly useful when a company wants to avoid giving out direct dials.


In telecommunications, a Hunt group, also known as a Call Hunt or Line Hunting, is a call routing mechanism that distributes incoming calls to a specific phone number across a group of designated phones. Rather than having a call ring on a single phone, the system intelligently routes the call to various phones within the group until it is answered or reaches a predetermined destination.

When a caller dials the company phone number associated with the Hunt group, the system initiates the call distribution process. It typically follows a predefined sequence or algorithm to determine which phones within the group will ring. The algorithm may be set to ring all phones simultaneously, sequentially one after another, or in a predetermined order based on certain criteria, such as availability or priority.


Improved Call Handling: Hunt groups ensure that incoming calls are distributed among a group of phones, increasing the chances of calls being answered promptly. This reduces the likelihood of missed calls and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring a higher likelihood of reaching a live person.

Increased Accessibility: By using a Hunt group, organizations can avoid giving out direct dial numbers to individual employees. This protects the privacy of employees and allows calls to be directed to a central contact number. It simplifies communication for customers or clients who only need to remember and dial one main phone number to reach the organization.

Efficient Call Distribution: The systematic distribution of calls within a Hunt group optimizes call handling and reduces the burden on any one individual. Calls are distributed evenly across the available phones, preventing overload on any particular line and ensuring a fair distribution of call volume among the group members.

Enhanced Collaboration: Hunt groups promote collaboration and teamwork within an organization. Multiple employees can be part of a Hunt group, and any member can answer a call that comes in. This fosters a sense of shared responsibility and encourages cooperation among team members, allowing for better coverage of incoming calls.

Business Continuity: Hunt groups help ensure business continuity by providing redundancy in call handling. If a member of the group is unavailable or away from their desk, the call can automatically be routed to the next available phone in the sequence. This ensures that calls are answered even if one or more members are temporarily unavailable or occupied.

Scalability: As organizations grow or their call handling needs change, Hunt groups can be easily adjusted or expanded. Additional phones or employees can be added to the group, allowing for scalability without significant changes to the call routing setup. This flexibility supports business growth and adaptability to changing requirements.

Reporting and Analytics: Many modern telecom systems offer reporting and analytics features for Hunt groups. These provide insights into call volume, call durations, wait times, and other key metrics. Analyzing this data helps organizations optimize their call handling processes, identify peak call periods, and make informed decisions to enhance customer service.


In summary, a Hunt group in telecommunications allows for the efficient distribution of incoming calls to multiple phones within a group. It improves call handling, ensures accessibility, promotes collaboration, provides business continuity, supports scalability, and offers valuable reporting and analytics. By leveraging Hunt groups, organizations can enhance their customer service, streamline call management, and maintain a professional and efficient communication system.

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