CloudCall o1

Over 100
upgrades for
your business

CloudCall o1

Over 100 upgrades for your business

Work is no longer a destination

CloudCall o1 is built from the ground up for a new era of business. We’re reshaping the way team members, recruiters and sales agents work, in-line with the global shift in ways of working. There are 1000s of upgrades, innovations, and changes in the o1 platform but here’s a list of our top 100:

Work is no longer a destination

CloudCall o1 is built from the ground up for a new era of business. We’re reshaping the way team members, recruiters and sales agents work, in-line with the global shift in ways of working. There are 1000s of upgrades, innovations, and changes in the o1 platform but here’s a list of our top 100:

A Complete Reinvention

CloudCall has been meticulously reconstructed from the ground up. This bold move has redefined our approach, ushering in a new era of innovation and performance. To build a next generation business phone system we needed to start from scratch applying all that we have learnt in over a decade. The existing CloudCall platform remains extremely capable with more than 48000 active users. However, to address the changes in the way the world works and the fact that this continues to evolve we needed a platform that could enable continuous deployment. It represents a significant investment of time and resources but allows us to develop the next generation of capabilities that will be optimized with the needs of staffing/recruitment and sales teams in mind. No other business phone provider is looking to develop sector/role specific capabilities in this way.

Our shift to DevOps practices has been monumental. DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases our ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

The new CloudCall is a clean slate. We’ve left behind the old code, including outdated PHP and .NET, in favor of a much more versatile and lightweight language. This enables us to develop and deploy with unprecedented flexibility, even directly from a mobile device.

To enable the scalability that is required for modern businesses we decided to use serverless architecture. By using an event-driven compute service we can run code for virtually any type of application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers. This allows us to handle vast workloads with ease and optimize our server usage to reduce CO2 impact.

The use of serverless architecture means we can sync as many contacts as needed concurrently. Sync intervals have been improved to every 15 minutes, pushing any changes made, ensuring your data is always up to date.

We prioritize investing in our engineers, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological advancements. With pride, we can say that 99% of our engineers now hold AWS accreditation, a testament to our commitment to their growth and expertise. By empowering our team with cutting-edge skills, we not only elevate CloudCall’s capabilities in the communication community but also contribute to a future where skilled and proficient engineers thrive.

Our architecture is based fully on microservices. This leverages APIs and Kafka for seamless communication between services. A serverless microservices pattern lowers the barrier for the creation of each subsequent microservice (API Gateway even allows for the cloning of existing APIs, and usage of Lambda functions in other accounts). Optimizing server utilization is no longer relevant with this pattern.

We use AWS Lambda so that each microservice is designed to do one thing and do it well. This allows us to update/upgrade discreet elements of CloudCall without touching the entire code base. This means you will receive updates more regularly that are lighter and don’t impact the availability of the platform.

We’ve introduced ephemeral environments for testing stories, allowing us to tear them down and merge them into the main pipeline. No longer is there a single production environment where all changes are made; now, we follow a more controlled DevOps approach.

Using multiple AWS accounts helps us isolate and manage our business applications and data helps us optimize across most of the AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars including operational excellence, security, and reliability. Management of many accounts requires use of automation to help minimize operational complexity and ensures efficient alignment with our security, governance, and operational requirements.

We are scaling globally, with plans to reach five regions by mid-2024, initially focusing on three regions. This expansion includes over 30 availability zones across the EU, US, and Canada, ensuring CloudCall’s availability wherever you need it.

CloudCall has always been built with security, but in moving to a platform built on AWS this now leverages the very latest in security for cloud-based systems. AWS is architected to be the most secure global cloud infrastructure on which to build, migrate, and manage applications and workloads. This is backed by AWS’s deep set of 300+ cloud security tools and the trust of millions of customers, including the most security sensitive organizations like government, healthcare, and financial services.

We use TypeScript to enhance the development process by providing type safety, improving code quality, and offering strong tooling support. It’s particularly beneficial for larger, team-based projects, where collaboration, maintainability, and code quality are essential.

We have standardized so much to create frameworks that allow us to build with complexity and security at pace. However, we will always choose the best tech for the job at hand. For example, a lot of telephony just works better with C, or using a completely different language for authentication results in a superior solution being reached more quickly.

CloudCall used to have separate teams one to write code and another to deploy the code, very similar to other traditional software approach.  Now our developers manage their own deployments and environments through to production.  This allows for tighter controls around what makes it to production.  There isn’t one production environment where every team can make changes. 

Communication Essentials

Click to call is a great productivity driver allowing you to make more connections with less errors.  Phone numbers are now highlighted in vibrant blurple and as you hover you can simply click the number or phone icon to instantly initiate a call.

One of the goals of rebuilding CloudCall was to deliver a crystal-clear call every time without fail. No more frustrating “I can’t really hear you; can I call you back” or missing out on a critical deal or a fantastic candidate because you couldn’t make out what each other was saying. The updated CloudCall calling experience leverages the latest industry codecs.

It all starts with the ability to make an outbound call. Unlimited calling within the US and Canada is now included as standard.

Sometimes words are what you need – all calls can now be transcribed, and this link is added to your CRM record.

Each user has a dedicated number that can be used to make and receive calls. In the US and Canada this same number is used for sending and receiving SMS. This single number experience is a core tenant of CloudCall.

When you’re not able to take a call it’s good to know that people can leave you a voicemail that you can pick up later. What’s even better is knowing that all your voicemail recordings can be transcribed and are accessible from the desktop or mobile app so you can quickly review details without needing to remember to dial in to your voicemails.

When you’re not able to take a call it’s good to know that people can leave you a voicemail that you can pick up later. This is now a lovely clear button on the incoming caller screen. With a single click you can quickly, easily, and efficiently send calls to voicemail. You can even simply set up automatic forwarding of voicemail messages to your email with a simple toggle button in the softphone voicemail settings menu.

Transferring a call to a colleague is easier than before. With a single click from the softphone user interface which brings up the option to transfer to a teammate, a group, or an external number. It has never been easier to deliver a seamless experience.

Very much like our call transfer capability it is so straight forward to set up the call forwarding rules straight from the Softphone settings tab. Choose to forward all calls or only those that are received when you’re busy. Choose to forward to an external number a workflow or a teammate. Imagine searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and realising you lost the map. Inbound calls are that little pot of gold, make sure you don’t miss another call again with call forwarding.

If you’re a business that makes international calls, CloudCall has always had you covered with bespoke plans. Now to make things simpler there are straight forward international calling plan bundles that offer the ultimate flexibility depending on your business needs.

Purchase local US numbers to use as DDIs giving you a higher call-take rate.  A candidate or customer is 4 times more likely to pick up a call if it’s from a number in their area – local presence means more business.

Purchase international numbers and allow your customers or candidates to call a local number within their country.

Did you know that CloudCall allows you to use a toll-free number for outbound calling?  Using a toll-free number for outbound calls can help recruiters make more connections as a toll-free number as these numbers are typically associated with official or important communications. They are not tied to a specific geographic location which allows recruiter and sales agents to reach more contacts across the country without the need for multiple local numbers which can be more cost effective and efficient.

Call recordings are useful when you want to go back and check details or use them for training new hires and existing team members to illustrate what a good call should sound like. Now you can transcribe any of your call recordings so that you can quickly review, and reference specific details discussed during a call without having to listen to the whole call back again.

Up to seven years extended storage of call recordings is available as an optional add on which is great for compliance, legal requirements, quality assurance, training, and development.  For staffing and recruitment businesses relationships with both clients and candidates can extend over several years and having a complete history of call recordings provides an additional level of continuity in the relationships you build. 

It allows businesses to send text messages to customers using a dedicated 10-digit phone number. The introduction of 10DLC compliance by major carriers in the United States aims to improve the overall messaging ecosystem, offering increased deliverability, reduced spam, and enhanced end-user security.

Ensure seamless continuity by bringing your current phone numbers to CloudCall with ease.

Put a call on hold whenever needed. Now simply press the hold button in the softphone UI. Everything just looks and feels more intuitive using CloudCall o1.

Quickly and seamless add another team member, group or third party to a call straight from the softphone UI.

Simply choose between your number or a company number with a couple of clicks.

Use internal extensions to save your team’s time and create a seamless experience for your candidates.

Choose which device is most suitable to answer on, and seamlessly transfer between them as per your needs at the time. Maybe you’re walking back to the office and take a call on your cell phone and then want to transfer it to your PC or laptop when you arrive at your desk – you can do that.

Don’t miss another call – set a call sequence and ring each device in your preferred order.

Love Your CRM

CloudCall is proud to have the deepest CRM integrations.  We have developed enhancements around how the data from your communications is mapped to fields within your Bullhorn CRM, including mapping of the call category to the action field. 

Being able to access a call recording directly from a CRM contact record is helpful to get straight to the information you need. This has been updated to include status to show whether a call recording is available or unavailable, so you don’t have to second guess yourself.

A manual process to map users between your CRM and CloudCall that extended the time it took to get you up and running is now automated so you can enjoy using a next generation business phone as soon as possible.

Click to call from within your CRM just got a nice new widget so you can click on the phone icon and automatically dial the contact.

Click to text from within your CRM just got a nice new widget so you can click on the text icon to open a dialog box and send your message.

We have designed CloudCall o1 to be in sync with your CRM. All call and text activity records are stored automatically to remove the need for manually updating the CRM. Any changes made to a contact record or if adding a new contact will be captured automatically and made available to all users within a maximum of 15 minutes.

Assign a category to each call within CloudCall, now with added customization.

Note taking has also been given an upgrade so that the call subject is automatically populated and saving the activity type, direction: from and to.

Access your call recordings directly from the contact record withing the CRM.

If the call recordings weren’t enough, we have also ensured the transcription of the call will be added into your CRM too.

Seamless onscreen notifications when you receive a call – instantly see who’s calling and get taken directly to their contact record.

Use Your Preferred Devices

The user interface (UI for short) is where you spend most of your time whether that’s in CloudCall or in your CRM. We have taken the approach to simplify and optimize the experience based on the latest software design principles (light weight, low touch) to deliver something that is more intuitive and will allow you to focus on what really matters – your candidates.

The dial pad has been completely refreshed and it is the same whichever device you want to use.

We remind you to capture user consent before a call recording starts – just another thing we make easier for your teams.

No one has time for multiple contact lists, compile them all into one and make your workflows more efficient.

You can easily find a list of who’s in your team and access their details. This makes it simple to transfer calls, add a teammate to a call, or just give them a call with fewer clicks.

CloudCall doesn’t just make calls you can also send SMS directly from any device. A number of direct 1:2:1 messages (US and Canada only) are now included in every plan so it’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.

All your call history is maintained in a list which you can access from any device.

All your SMS history is maintained in a list which you can access from any device.

Don’t wait until the call is over. Notes can be added during any outbound or inbound call on any device. These are then automatically synced to the contact record.

Assign a customized category to each call within CloudCall and automatically have that synced within your CRM

Record, play back and download all your calls, from within the app on any device.

Transcribe any call recording or voicemail, from within the app on any device.

Add a nice picture to your profile.

Easily set your calling status as available, busy, offline or do not disturb.

Desktop and mobile apps are available for all common operating systems (MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android) so that you can use your preferred device. There is nothing worse than finding that some functions are missing, or a button is in a different place when switching between devices so the new CloudCall apps have been built to deliver the same functionality and experiences no matter where you are or which device you prefer.

Many software providers use a Chrome extension as a neat little widget that sits in your browser. Extensions are software programs built on web technologies (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) that enable users to customize the Chrome browsing experience. The CloudCall chrome extension has been refreshed to make it a lot more blurple and easier to use with simple toggles to control key settings and it still gives you the ability to click to call any phone number from your CRM or any webpage.

You can sign in using company Microsoft or Google credentials so that you don’t have to remember yet another password.

You can see a live feed of calls from the more tab in the app on any device so no matter where you are, your finger can be on the pulse. You can jump straight to a call recording or just view the transcription within a few clicks.

The placement of everything within the mobile apps has been designed with how you would want to interact with your cell phone. It feels like a modern cell phone experience with the added benefit of working in harmony with your CRM in a way that makes you wonder why you used to spend time calling from your cell phone and then trying to find time to update the applicable contact record in the CRM.

Can’t find the message you were looking for? We have added a neat search feature that allows you to filter all messages by number or contact so that you don’t have to waste time endlessly scrolling looking for it.

Looking for details of how many times and when you called a contact? We have added a neat search feature that allows you to filter all inbound and outbound calls (including missed calls) by number or contact so that you don’t have to waste time endlessly scrolling looking for it.

Looking for voicemails from a specific contact? We have added a neat search feature that allows you to filter all voicemails by number or contact so that you don’t have to waste time endlessly scrolling looking for it.

A simple clickable link is available in the More tab on any device that will take you to help & support pages. Wherever you are, you can get the most out of CloudCall.

You can choose to select whether to open a CRM contact at the call start. The CRM contact card will automatically open when receiving an inbound call or making an outbound call from the desktop app.

No matter which app you are using you can set up your own voicemail in four easy steps. 1. click the More tab, 2. click Voicemail, 3. click Create Voicemail and 4. choose whether you want to record a voicemail, text to speech, or upload a recorded voicemail.

Setting Up For Success

Having to navigate to different menus and screens is not always the most effective so we have combined the supervisor panel and the activity feed into a single interface to make things easier to find and get straight to the key data.

No more missed calls. Calls are automatically directed to the next available agent or team member, without you needing to do a thing.

This robot receptionist directs callers to the right team or person, first time, every time. Save time and keep your candidates happy.

Create customized calling groups so that inbound calls are sorted in caller queues based on pre-defined rules and steered to available agents within the right group.

Create an inbound call distribution flow for a specific number. Supports ring all or least recent.

Intuitive and customized call queues that marry up with your auto attendant and inbound campaigns.

Create as many call figurations as you need to support your company’s success.

Set your business hours and appropriate call routing to ensure calls aren’t missed.

No one likes to listen to the same hold tune all the time, personalize this to match your company brand and personality.

Create your multi-level IVR menu to guide the caller through different options and make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents and receive relevant information through customized messages. You can create an intuitive multi-level IVR menu to ensure you’re sending candidates to the right recruiter from the moment they call.

Using call recordings alongside real time coaching is a popular capability for our customers. Our new intuitive UI make real time coaching second nature. Have a comprehensive overview of your phone calls anytime you need. Get information on your agents’ calls and optimize your customer service.

Enhanced self service capability for admins to handle user management. Add new users, modify their details, and remove agents who no longer work with you. There’s no need to contact us, you can do everything related to agent management yourself, with no hassle.

Enhanced self service capability for admins to handle number management. View all numbers associated with your company and make changes to the number settings on your own.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) offers several benefits, which make it a popular choice for authentication and authorization in various applications and systems. Available in 2024.

The new UI provides a clear way to see a feed of all calls in progress for your team or company.

Have a comprehensive overview of your phone calls anytime you need. Get information on your agents’ calls and optimize your customer service. Want to make your recruiters the best around? The CloudCall coaching panel gives you full visibility of your team’s phone calls at any time. Providing feedback has never been so easy.

You can listen in to your team’s live calls, to ensure everything is going along smoothly, or be on hand to help if they need it. Give more effective feedback to your recruiters by listening in to their live calls and giving them notes quickly whilst it’s still fresh in their mind.

We’ve all been there when we first started out and wished we’d had our supervisor on hand to help with a difficult conversation. Seamlessly jump onto calls with your junior recruiters and show them first-hand best to navigate a situation.

Get all call activity filtered by user, by team or by specific data ranges whether it’s inbound or outbound – this knowledge is power.

Get all SMS activity filtered by user, by team or by specific data ranges whether it’s inbound or outbound – this knowledge is power.

Set and detect agent presence to see who’s logged on at any given time. Now with a simpler prettier interface.

When you can record, play back and download all your calls – you can focus on each conversation, on each agent and enhance their performance, creating the best team around.

Create custom categories for your agents to use for Call categorization.

Intuitive web interface which automatically adapts to your device meaning that wherever you log on and regardless of your device, you will receive the best experience of our admin portal.

See how your teams are doing – why not create a leaderboard?

Easily download a csv file of the tabular data for your own analysis. This csv file can be sent to specified email recipients based on an automated schedule.