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Reach contacts easily with SMS on CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

Psst! We have something to tell you… 

We recently launched CloudCall for Microsoft Teams and it now has a brand new SMS feature*. You can now send texts to your CRM contacts 

This past year has seen increasing numbers of people working from home. Programmes like Microsoft Teams have become not just a handy work tool, but a way to stay connected to colleagues and contacts.  

We recently launched our CloudCall for Microsoft Teams integration, which pulls information from your existing CRM system and makes details more accessible and useful within Microsoft Teams. Features such as click to call and opening candidate records, have been added to create smooth and simple processes for the user. 

Adding to the previous features, we’re announcing two new features for our CloudCall for Microsoft Teams integration. Happy days! 

Send SMS 

The CloudCall for Microsoft Teams app lets you make calls and now send SMS’ to contacts, directly from within the Microsoft Teams user interface. Now users can stay in touch with colleagues and contacts in the way that best suits them. Pretty good right?

Activity sync 

Any calls and SMS made via the contact cards within Microsoft Teams will also be synced to that contact’s activity history within your CRM system. For calls this includes timings and recordings of your calls and for SMS, you can see a full history of messages, both sent and received.  

These new SMS based features only boost your ability to connect with your contacts, making life easier and more efficient for you and your team.  

Utilising our new SMS feature will allow you and your business to have a full view of all communications and gain greater insight into the ways that your contacts prefer to be reached.  

Think of yourself: you’re not always going to answer a call, but you’ll always read a text!  

Want to find out more? Why not try book a demo? Go on, we know you want to. 

*Option to send an SMS is currently only available with CRMs using the Chrome Unify Plugin

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