SMS for Salesforce. Now with Broadcast.

 Just like phone calls, with CloudCall you can send text messages without leaving your Salesforce CRM.  

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Whether it’s sending reminders, promoting products and services, or keeping customers up to date – SMS is a great way to communicate with your contacts and boost engagement.  CloudCall’s new Broadcast SMS feature for Salesforce means you can reach more of your contacts, in less time. Also, with us being as tech savvy as we are, you can send messages and have the peace of mind that all messages and responses will be saved in Salesforce. You can thank us later! 


Click to text
Send and receive one to one text messages directly from Salesforce contact records.

Broadcast SMS
Boost read and response rates with Broadcast messages. Provides a cost-effective method of sending bulk SMS to multiple CRM records.

SMS History
Full, searchable SMS conversations are logged and recorded against the relevant candidate and client records within Salesforce.

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Expand your communications to include SMS, which provides a simple and effective way of increasing engagements with your customers and prospects.

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