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Top Recruitment Challenges Overcome with Call Recording

In the fast paced recruitment industry, it can be challenging for agencies to stay in control of staff, job listings, client needs and all the other demands of job placement.  To stay on top, recruitment companies need to take advantage of appropriate tools and technology – like call recording – to increase efficiency and reduce turnover.

How can call recording help the recruitment industry?

Record and send interviews

With the right call recording tool, you’ll be able to easily record candidate interviews and email them to clients. Clients can review your phone call and more quickly schedule interviews and make hiring decisions. It’s a win-win for you and your client.

Avoid payment discrepancies

It’s hard to believe, but not everyone you do business with is going to be honest. And it’s possible that a recruiter places a candidate only to have the client say that he or she was placed previously by another company or another recruiter. Thankfully, with call logging and recording, you’ll have exact records of when deals were made and precisely what they entail.

Turnover troubles

It’s an unfortunate fact, but the recruitment industry has notoriously high turnover, and this can really slow down your business. With call recording, it’s easier for a replacement to get up to speed with the former employee’s work.  So if someone leaves, it’s easier to pick up where he or she left off without disrupting too much business.

Faster training

Get new employees trained more quickly by listening to the calls of experienced staff. Managers can also review calls and make suggestions. The faster recruiters are trained, the more quickly they can start placing candidates and driving revenue, so why not take advantage of call recording to get the ball rolling.

So if you’re ready to tackle these top challenges, learn more about our CloudCall solutions.

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