A Quick Conversation with Dualta Doherty, founder of Dualta Doherty & Partners

Dualta has 10 years of experience in the recruitment industry and founded Dualta Doherty & Partners five years ago. They are a Rec2Rec recruitment agency with a focus on international work.  In 2018 Dualta set up The Recruiter Startup Podcast to explore building & scaling a recruitment company with the best & brightest in the industry as guests sharing their knowledge. As well as this, he recently set up a remote recruitment business called Scale International.

Dualta discusses his experience and what led him up to the position he is in today. He goes into detail about his experience working in a variety of countries, including Australia and Guatemala, before returning to the UK and Ireland. Dan goes over the challenges COVID has put on his businesses and how it’s inspired him to create a network of recruitment leaders to share knowledge.

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Podcast Highlights:

  • The challenges of setting up your own recruitment agency
  • Dualta’s experience of running a podcast with over 120,000 downloads
  • The differences between scale-able business and lifestyle businesses
  • What to focus on in the business and where to put attention.

With a great deal of experience and knowledge, Dualta’s unique insight is valuable to all during this uncertain time. Fundamentals such as systems, processes, people are more important than ever to ensure your business can thrive.

“The last six months has been hard with lots of difficult moments, I built out London based business from scratch and then COVID hit.” – Dualta Doherty, founder of Dualta Doherty & Partners


Listen to the podcast now