A Quick conversation with Simon Brennan, VP Sales Europe, Engage Hub

Engage Hub has provided innovative customer engagement solutions to its clients for over 30 years. Their ever-evolving services make them a valued asset to some of the world’s most successful brands across the financial services, utilities, telecoms, retail and logistics sectors.

In this podcast Simon Brennan, VP Sales Europe, discusses solutions Engage Hub have rolled out for their retail clients during the pandemic. As well as what they have been doing across sectors including banking, finance, to help brands innovate and dramatically improve customer service & engagement.

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Podcast highlights:

  • Retail solutions during the pandemic
  • Improving operational efficiency & customer experience through automation & integrated technologies
  • Innovative cross-sector customer services & engagement insights
  • Using data to drive businesses forward

As businesses return to the “new normal”, Simon’s experience provides a useful perspective on what various industries are doing to adapt, and how businesses can push forward and come out ahead of the competition.

“It almost seems like the world is a different place since the start of the year. I think having tracking, analytics and the ability to get a holistic overview to what is happening within customer interactions has been invaluable to us.” Simon Brennan, VP Sales Europe, Engage Hub

Listen to the podcast now