A quick Conversation with… Steve Gray, Director, SG-retail

As retail businesses start reopening across the world our recent podcast with Steve Grey becomes very timely. Steve Grey, FCMG expert, who’s been a leading innovator in customer loyalty, CRM data analytics and personalisation in the retail sector. Steve has worked with some of the biggest brands to help them in these areas and in this podcast, we really drill down into Steve’s expertise as he talks to us about his thoughts on all things retail and loyalty.  

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Podcast highlights: 

  • An overview of the retail sector – the rise and fall of brands
  • A closer look at loyalty programmes that have been rolled out across the globe 
  • How COVID-19 is game changing and accelerating the transformation of the retail space 
  • What brands need to do in the new world we find ourselves in  
  • Tesco Club Card and the art of monetising data 

In this podcast Steve takes us on an insightful journey through the retail sector. From the fall of fashion retailers to the survival of supermarkets post COVID-19We take a close look at loyalty programmes and Steve’s own experiences while at Dunnhumby as MD, working with Tesco. As well as talking about the importance of being close to your customers and how this will give retail businesses a head start when ramping up post COVID-19. 

Listen to the podcast now 

 “When the rebound starts, those businesses that know their customers are definitely going to be in a stronger position than those who have just got to reboot their marketing along with every other company and compete for customers at the same time. It’s going to be tough. Whereas if you’ve already invested in a customer loyalty scheme, then you’re already in a better situation than those without it.” Steve Gray, Director, SG-retail