Finegreen Associates enhance customer experience with CloudCall for Microdec

Finegreen were struggling with time-consuming manual call recording and were reliant on external (and expensive) reporting software. They needed a cost-effective system that allows for in-depth reporting and automatic call recording.

How CloudCall helped Finegreen Associates boost customer experience

Founded in 2005, Finegreen Associates is a market-leading consulting firm based in Manchester and London, focusing on recruitment and development to both public and private sectors.

Finegreen has experienced continued success and growth as a result of its concentration on providing excellent service to its clients and candidates. With highly trained consultants, Finegreen Associates leverage their in-depth knowledge about their clients to match them with the best candidates possible.

Finegreen looked for a communications integration with Microdec to eliminate their roadblocks.

Finegreen needed a cost-effective provider to remove their limitations on reporting and call recordings. Recording communications manually was time-consuming
and external reporting software incurred additional cost.

To address these limitations, Finegreen researched capabilities and costs of vendors that integrate with Microdec to complement their current system and resolve their costly challenges.

CloudCall provides a strong integration and flexibility for Finegreen

CloudCall built the perfect solution for Finegreen with a strong integration into Microdec. Call recordings are now automatically stored in the cloud, and accessible through Microdec. Recording communications automatically saves Finegreen valuable work hours and increases visibility for management.

The CloudCall platform has in-depth call activity and real-time dashboards that allow greater visibility for management. With enhanced reporting built into their phone system, Finegreen was able to cut costs dramatically.

With CloudCall, Finegreen personalizes the customer experience to improve overall satisfaction

Since implementing CloudCall, Finegreen has seen improvements in its customer service process. With interactive voice response (IVR), customers can select options to have their call directed quickly and accurately. The software allows Finegreen to have dialling options for customers to receive more personalized service, faster.

These options with the availability of better management information result in a more professional approach for the business.

With CloudCall, Finegreen will see continued growth without compromising their values. Finegreen is confident that their partnership with CloudCall for Microdec will assist them in matching their clients with the best candidates on the market.

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