How Oakleaf seamlessly swapped to remote working, with CloudCall

 Oakleaf was founded in 2005 and delivers the full spectrum of HR, Reward and Payroll talent, over all industry sectors both in the UK and Internationally.

Oakleaf has become a market leader in the HR recruitment industry by understanding the person behind the CV, the challenges their clients face, building relationships on trust and delivering outstanding customer service.

Oakleaf struggled with their traditional telephony systems, needing more accessibility and mobility from what they were using. Oakleaf grew from branches in the UK to locations internationally, but their offices had differing telephony systems.

Whilst needing a new telephony system, they also wanted to strengthen the integration between their telephony and their CRM system, Mercury xRM. Finding contact details, calling and capturing those calls within the CRM are examples of features they were lacking from their existing system.

Their CRM system was already cloud-based, and when the pandemic hit, they needed a cloud-based telephony system to combine with that to allow their employees to work productively from home.
They wanted to be able to make and receive calls, access the database and work well as a team, from wherever the recruiter is based.

With CloudCall, Oakleaf employees no longer had to go into the office and pick up a hard phone. Almost overnight, they were seamlessly able to continue their business by running remotely.

CloudCall’s integration with Mercury xRM enabled Oakleaf to manage and support their colleagues, candidates and clients remotely. Features such as Local Presence, SMS and Call Logs allowed for more productivity and essential data being captured.

“What we had wasn’t working. We had to get smarter, more intelligent with the way our telephony system integrated with our CRM.”
– Leighton Grant – IT/IS Manager, Oakleaf Partnership Limited

Greater interaction

CloudCall’s solution allowed for better data capture and thus interaction with Oakleaf’s data. Inbound Screen Pops bring up a candidate’s CRM record as soon as they call, allowing recruiters to stay prepared and save time, thanks to the accessibility of the CTI.

Save time

Being able to use features such as Click to Dial, Voicemail Drop and Call Recordings, Oakleaf were able to bypass long-winded processes which they would have manually done without the integration, allowing them more time to focus on their job, rather than putting in a phone number or having to take notes.

Work from anywhere

The biggest benefit for Oakleaf, was the ability to work remotely. Instead of the previous processes they had in place, thanks to CloudCall’s easy-to-use integration, their employees worldwide were able to work on the same system, accessing the same information, all with a headset and a computer.

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