OfficeWorks takes workforce 100% remote with CloudCall for Bullhorn

When we spoke with OfficeWorks Marketing Manager, Greg Valenzuela, it was clear that they wanted to coach their teams on best practices and improve the quality of every interaction with customers.

OfficeWorks has quickly scaled by adding a remote team with CloudCall

OfficeWorks, a search and placement firm, has been helping people get jobs nationwide since 2002 across medical, accounting, and finance industries. After having Bullhorn for over a decade, OfficeWorks started looking at the Bullhorn Marketplace for communications options available to them.

The main motive to implement new technology stemmed from a need for increased productivity to lend to their desired growth. OfficeWorks was looking for a unified communications solution that would have the same extraordinary customer service, quality, and speed they provide to their clients every day. OfficeWorks chose CloudCall as their unified communications solution, which integrates seamlessly into their Bullhorn CRM.

After speaking with OfficeWorks Marketing Manager, Greg Valenzuela, it became evident that the biggest challenge for OfficeWorks would be finding a solution that would help them scale quickly without sacrificing quality. They wanted to coach teams on best practices and improve the quality of every interaction. When looking at different solutions, OfficeWorks knew they also wanted better analytics and call recordings built into their Bullhorn environment. This led them to CloudCall.

Now with CloudCall, OfficeWorks can scale quickly by adding remote users and have completely eliminated their physical office, without losing visibility into their team’s performance.

It’s easy to scale a business when everything the employees need comes in a small square box containing a laptop and a headset.

Greg had the opportunity to lead the OfficeWorks transition to a hosted and integrated phone system. Not only has this transition the growth of the team, but it has increased work life balance for everyone, including Greg. If Greg is traveling, he can connect to work from the hotel room during the day. Anyone at OfficeWorks has the freedom to work from their local Starbucks or take off for vacation and stay connected with CloudCall for Bullhorn.

With CloudCall’s reporting dashboard, names are color coded by activity. Until someone hits a certain threshold of calls, their name will stay red. When they hit their goal, the bar turns green automatically; creating healthy competition between team members, uniting them with a common goal no matter how far apart they are working. Dashboards can be accessed easily online – so there is no longer a need for an office with big screen TVs to display metrics.

During a call power hour, the first recruiter to reach 50 calls for the day is rewarded with an Amazon (or Starbucks) gift card. By using CloudCall’s power dialer tool, which allows the recruiters to fly through candidate lists in Bullhorn, this task is more achievable than ever before. Another recruiter favorite is Click-to-Call, which saves time since they no longer dial the number manually.

OfficeWorks takes CloudCall’s call recordings feature beyond the sales and recruitment departments. Compliance managers use call recordings in their department to listen in on credentialing specialists when they onboard candidates. Managers can help in difficult conversations by giving guidance using CloudCall’s whisper feature. This live coaching feature gives new specialists more confidence to traverse through difficult calls on their own, while staying compliant.

Greg was surprised to find out that our support comes from the UK office, because they are available at all hours to resolve issues. It’s important that valuable information does not get lost when a call is dropped, so support follows up to solve any problem that arises.

Most of time that OfficeWorks users are having issues, the home internet provider made changes they are unaware about on their line, such as ‘packet loss’. CloudCall can take a deeper look, and help the users reach out to their internet provider with the right information to solve the problem.

CloudCall’s integration with Bullhorn across multiple applications, such as the Google Chrome extension and the CloudCall Go! mobile app, allows for increased productivity for teams like Greg’s. OfficeWorks successfully invested in their business growth with the latest technology for their recruiters by partnering with CloudCall and Bullhorn.

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