SLG looks to CloudCall to evaluate the client experience

SLG Financial Solutions were struggling to find a telephony integration that would be an asset rather than a liability. After searching high and low, SLG selected CloudCall as the perfect solution to suit their needs, allowing agents to focus on improving the client experience. 

Why SLG knew CloudCall was the right solution for them

SLG Financial Solutions trusted advisors have been providing holistic financial advice, retirement planning, mortgage advice, and more, since 2006.

Prior to CloudCall, SLG struggled to find a telephony integration that would be an asset rather than a liability. After reviewing their options, SLG decided CloudCall was the perfect solution to suit their compliance-oriented needs and allow agents to focus on improving client experience.

SLG required a scalable communications solution to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365

SLG implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 as their customer relationship management (CRM) system. However, they found it difficult to recall details from conversations while reporting on cases spanning over a 6-month period.

They began searching for a communications solution that would integrate with Dynamics 365 CRM, while helping to increase user adoption.

Before CloudCall, SLG didn’t have a great system for storing and accessing call recordings. Operating in the heavily regulated financial industry, it was crucial that SLG had access to call recordings for longer than 3 months. Moreover, their previous provider did not meet their needs in terms of the customer support that they offered.

With CloudCall, SLG has easy access to call recordings, stored in the cloud; increasing compliance and improving the client experience

Having used CloudCall for over a year, the team at SLG have found improved agent productivity. With inbound caller identification, advisors quickly scan the caller’s notes section. Each call is logged as an activity automatically, reducing distractions and shifting focus back onto the client.

CloudCall has helped SLG with compliance, especially when handling sensitive information. If SLG advisors need to submit the client’s debit or credit card details over the phone to a mortgage lender, they can easily pause the call recording so they can take those details privately.

To meet their initial request, CloudCall provides call recordings that are stored in the cloud and accessible through Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact records for SLG agents.

In addition to sifting through past emails and documents, advisors can reference past calls instantly to gain insight to the customer’s requirements from the beginning of a case. Also, management can review performance by listening to real conversations.

CloudCall improves compliance and client experience by making call recordings easily accessible for the team at SLG. Furthermore, being able to listen to staff has enabled management to provide further training and guidance.

Simple and easy implementation of CloudCall supports ongoing growth at SLG

“The research and finding the right solution took up the most time. Once we identified CloudCall was the right company to use, it was quickly implemented,” Stephen recalls.

By seamlessly integrating CloudCall across the business, SLG has enhanced the value provided to clients. Once SLG realized CloudCall’s purposeful design as a process tool and functionality in terms of visibility and reporting, they knew they had implemented the right solution.

“Luckily, we haven’t experienced a need to contact CloudCall very often. The system has been working seamlessly. It’s just enabled us to go about doing our business,” Stephen boasts about CloudCall support saying, “It is a pleasure to deal with CloudCall, and I feel like I can talk to someone; they hear my concerns and any issues are dealt with very promptly.”

Now with a robust system in place that helps to enable SLG to train staff quickly and help advisors provide a valuable service to clients, Stephen has the confidence to employ more staff – guiding SLG’s growth.

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