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How Resource 1 boosted their efficiency with CloudCall

Meet Resource 1, the information technology consulting firm that provides staff augmentation services to businesses across North America. Despite their success, Resource 1 faced major challenges with their communication technology. An out-of-date phone system was causing extra work for recruiters and sales teams. They wanted to reduce steps in the recruitment and sales cycle to boost their efficiency. This led Resource 1 to CloudCall.

They needed help and we rose to the challenge!

Resource 1 were using an on-premises PBX phone system (you can find a helpful jargon buster here for help with any unfamiliar terms), with no software integration available to them. They were using phones that dated back to 2003, activity was not logged, and data was not automatically recorded.

In order to capture valuable data and transactions, the Resource 1 team needed to update records and log calls manually. As Resource 1’s technical infrastructure evolved, they needed a system that automatically logged calls, increased efficiency and integrated into their CRM system, Bullhorn.

Since they started using CloudCall, Resource 1 have been able to reduce the amount of admin work for each team member while increasing access to data. Our platform has removed multiple manual steps throughout the recruitment and sales processes. This makes it easier for Resource 1 staff to connect with candidates and clients.

They chose to integrate their data into Bullhorn which now acts as a centralized source of information. This allows for easy reporting and tracking of team members interactions with clients and candidates.

When a call now comes into Resource 1, the team will see a caller ID screen pop up. This shows exactly who is calling, saving time used to access the contact record in Bullhorn. Team members can easily access real-time data on all previous conversations or personal notes from any individual who has been in contact with Resource 1.

The Resource 1 team now has advanced telephony tools at their disposal. Looking ahead, they are confident that they have partnered with the best unified communications solution on the market.

You can do more than just boost efficiency with our platform. Discover all the great features that we can offer your business by requesting a call back.

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