The power of effective communication

CloudCall was designed to provide an integration that boosts communication and collects data from your conversations – helping to grow your business.

The goal is to give your team one centralized platform by syncing your communications data back into your CRM system. This could be customer data to Call Recordings, live status updates to SMS messages. Your teams will never be left wondering where to find the information they need, no matter where they’re working from that day.

We recently commissioned new research into communications solutions and how they could potentially be holding businesses back.

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Our research found that:

  • A strong integration between CRM systems and communication platforms is linked to business development and growth.
  • An increased use of communication solutions provides better insight on business performance and improves customer experience.
  • Cloud communications platforms help save time, facilitate better teamwork and boost team morale.
  • Only 35% of businesses have performance metrics based on communication and collaboration, so they have zero idea of how well their teams are working!

Find out if your current communications solution is holding you back in our new eBook, Crossed wires. You can download a free copy here or request a call back here.