The Blurple Panel

The Blurple Panel is a monthly webinar series brought to you by CloudCall. Created to bring you up to date information, new ideas and exciting discussions with leading industry professionals.

Each month, our panel of experts will discuss current trends, groundbreaking research, innovative solutions and exciting insights in their respective fields. Our goal is to create a space for learning and discovery – so whether you’re looking for a refresher or need some guidance on the latest developments, The Blurple Panel has something for everyone.

Watch our latest webinar

Blurple Panel #7 – Maximize Team Productivity

  • Release Date: 22nd January 2024
  • Panelists: Laura Scott-Davies – CloudCall, Matt Gayleard – CloudCall, Ryan McCabe – Odro, Holly Langley – RE:STACK

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Past Webinars

Blurple Panel #6

Innovation vs Practicality in your techstack

Key Takeaways:

Using multiple products in harmony; where AI can be more effective than a human being; Never assuming why an organization might be generating great results.


Mike Tumalty – CloudCall, John Galnac – NSC, Todd Oken – NSC

Blurple Panel #5

Women in Tech: Navigating Careers in Tech, Product, and Engineering

Key Takeaways:

How to teach the next generation of women to go and get what they want. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Making shared parental leave available for both men and women. Dealing with imposter syndrome.


Laura Scott-Davies – CloudCall; Lindsay Lucas – Software Solved; Meghna Vadapalli – Just Eat Takeaway; Amanda Burton – CloudCall

Blurple Panel #4

Building an Inclusive Future: LGBTQIA+ Diversity in Tech

Key Takeaways:

Advancements in AI tools are inherently bias; Engraining equality and diversity into education is vital for future tech professionals; The LGBTQIA+ community needs more active support form workplaces.


Robyn Hunt – CloudCall; Erin Casali – Xero; Holly Hunt – BCOT

Blurple Panel #3

Bullhorn Marketplace:
Finding your perfect tech stack

Key Takeaways:

You have to be implementing tech that works for the people that are using it. People would rather 1x revenue tomorrow than 10x revenue next year. The proliferation of apps now is immense.


Laura Scott-Davies – CloudCall; Sean Hopkins – CloudCall; Milly Morris – Bullhorn; Alex Roberts – Kyloe; Daniel Locke – DaXtra

Blurple Panel #2

Mastering Customer Communication: How to Effectively Capture and Utilize Data in Your CRM

Key Takeaways:

The importance of communication data; Why people invest in a CRM; The importance of alignment.


Neville James – Senior Sales Director at CloudCall; Sean Hopkins – Product Marketing Manager at CloudCall; Ted Ruscitti – CCSO at CloudCall.

Blurple Panel #1

How to make your customers fall
in love with you

Key Takeaways:

Building a relationship requires rapport. A true, honest conversation is a shared discussion. 50:50. You talk , they listen. They talk, you listen. By automating your conversation-capture you can focus more on asking and listening. To being attentive. To being in the moment with whoever is at the end of the line. Or message.​


Jeff Weadock – Director of IT at The InSource Group; Kalina Buradzhieva – Growth Marketing Lead at harnham; Ted Ruscitti – CCSO at CloudCall

The purple panel.

The purple panel was a four-part webinar series focused on insights, challenges, and technology within the recruitment sector. It serves as the foundation for our brand new, more generalised webinar series, The Blurple Panel which started in 2023.

You can watch all four instalments of the original 2021 purple panel below!

Instalment One

How recruitment technology has evolved, in order to motivate teams and increase sales.

Key Takeaways:

Transforming the candidate and client experience; Understanding if motivation stems from people or technology; Methods to upskill staff and stay ahead of the competition.


Charlie Valler Barnes – Northstar Innovation Group; Ian Moyse – OneUp Sales; Matt Gayleard – CloudCall.

Instalment Two

The future of work: Engaging top talent in a remote world.

Key Takeaways:

How the working world has changed in the last year; How being proactive ensures culture and moral is maintained; Strategies for recruiters to stand out to candidates remotely.


Nellie Perrin – Hinterview; Andy Hallett – Recwired; Matt Gayleard – CloudCall.

Instalment Three

How to use your technology to better manage and track candidates.

Key Takeaways:

The key benefits of new recruitment technologies; How automation has become key to top recruiters; How you can build better relationships using tech.


Ashley Bowlin – Tracker; Hope Nattell – Textkernel; Matt Gayleard – CloudCall.

Instalment Four

Avoiding the “Automation Flop”: What staffing firms need to consider.

Key Takeaways:

What to consider before implementing tech; What’s next after automation; Best practices from industry leaders.


Lauren Jones – Leap Consulting Solutions; Josh Pines – Bullhorn; Jon Croft – CloudCall.


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