CloudCall helps CPS Group save 60% of their monthly phone bill

CPS Group are an award-winning technology recruitment company, covering a range of different IT and technology roles. Their client base ranges from SMEs to FTSE 250 and large multinationals.

Its head office is in Cardiff, and they have offices in multiple locations across the UK as well as Amsterdam, with each recruitment consultant being an expert in their own market. CPS Group has around 40 employees and has been recruiting top talent for 18 years.

Co-owner Spencer Symmons has been with CPS Group since they launched. We spoke to him about how CloudCall for Vincere has helped them to save money. Lots of it.

CPS Group used their previous (non-cloud-based) CRM for 15 years.

“We even had analogue phones up until about five years ago! Everything was pretty prehistoric.” Spencer tells us.

“Our monthly phone bills were amounting to about £4,000 a month. We needed a change to bring those costs down and move our systems into the 21st Century.”

Spencer tells us he’d heard a lot of positive things about cloud telephony at various networking events, so he looked into it.

“We found a CRM integration provider and used them for three years. They were brilliant to start with but lost the personal touch very quickly. We later attended a presentation from CloudCall and it sounded perfect for us. We’ve been using CloudCall for the last three years.”

“The savings were huge. From analogue to cloud-based phones we went from £4,000 a month to about £1,600. From day one we had brilliant savings.”

“CloudCall for Vincere is seamless and exactly what we were looking for.”

Spencer says that things have changed a lot for CPS Group in the last three years using CloudCall for Vincere. Things have been more efficient and faster.

“Having everything cloud-based is perfect for us, especially now. Our last CRM integration just wasn’t as useful. With people working from home, it allows us to stay connected but also provide a high-quality service for both our clients and candidates.”

“With our recruitment teams being based in different offices and also countries, it enables us to always be on the same page.”

“CloudCall has been such an improvement on our last CRM integration. We get things done quicker, easier and cheaper!”

“The integration itself is great. Inbound pop-ups tell you exactly who’s calling and brings up the CRM record, from which we can access things like the candidate’s CV. We can greet the candidate or client and provide a personalised experience, no matter who is answering the call. It’s just one of the many helpful features from CloudCall.”

“All communications being synced into the CRM saves us so much time compared to the long-winded processes we had in the past.”

“Call recording is a big one for us. It helps to save a lot of time, which therefore saves us money.”

“We use the SMS tool a lot too. It helps us to contact more candidates about a specific role, meaning we can fill that role quicker, but save lots of time by not calling each person individually. We find sending an SMS boosts our response rates too.”

“CloudCall enables us to fill more roles, faster. Everyday processes are simpler, easier and more cost effective. We save time on small tasks, which means we can focus on contacting more candidates and securing more roles.”

“CloudCall for Vincere is slicker, better and easier than our last CRM integration. It’s much steadier, the quality is better, as well as the functionality. The support at CloudCall is far superior to what we had before.”

“CloudCall does what it says on the tin. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop, then you’re good to go.”

“Invest in it. It just works. It saves time and shows results.”

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