Call reports

Maximize the value of your CRM

If your team are on lots of calls, or send many texts, the chances are that the details of these communications and how the quality of these interactions impacts revenue, are not being captured. Build and customize dynamic dashboards and automate reports to get the most out of your data and your CRM.

Track efficiency of your remote team

Your CRM is a high-value tool, so work smarter, not harder, by utilising that all important data. Measure and manage your team’s activities, monitor live calls and access real-time reports on your team’s communications, wherever they’re working.

Optimize operations

Use data to understand the times and days that are busiest for calls to allocate more resources where they’re needed. Analyze your team’s call data to discover key metrics on their communications, and how they impact business goals.

Make wiser business decisions

With all conversations, and their invaluable data, being stored within your CRM records, you can base KPIs, goals and budgets on real, powerful and intelligent data. This helps you to push the potential of your CRM, and team, sky-high.

Real-time numbers

View live call data as it happens, to see who are your top performers, and who needs support to ensure your whole team hits their goals.

Understand performance

With deeper insights you gain better knowledge on your team’s communications and how they affect overall performance.

On the go

With our mobile app, your team’s communications will still be captured and saved into the CRM. Meaning reports will reflect all communications, not just the ones that happen at their desks.

How does SMS help my worklife?

Meet Margot*



“Anything that saves time and reduces admin gets a thumbs up from me. Switching between my work laptop and my personal mobile is such a chore, as I lose all the data and notes. Now I can be sure that this is kept to a minimum as the information is captured as I send each SMS.”

Meet Jerry*



“SMS really helps to get the job done. SMS automation helps me complete more tasks, easily, as I can set up the workflows and let CloudCall do the rest. “

Margot and Jerry aren’t real but there’s 1000s of similar people out there just like them. And maybe you’re one of them. Maybe your team isn’t performing how you’d like them to perform. Maybe business goals aren’t being achieved. Or maybe you’re an agent wondering how you could make your work-life easier – more successful. If you are any of these – give us a call today and see how an integrated telephone could help.

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