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Streamline operations, automate mundane tasks, and harness data insights to make smarter decisions.

Communication command central

CloudCall Workspace offers a self-serve centralized control centre that simplifies the management of the entire communication infrastructure within your business. It equips teams with the tools to seamlessly handle user management, number management, call routing, and provide reporting & analytics.


Manage your CloudCall service the way you want

Effortless User Control

Admins can efficiently add, remove, or modify user accounts and roles, set permissions, and manage call activity without friction. Personalize settings, manage call forwarding, voicemail, and SMS activity with intuitive controls.

Tailored Access and Control

Fine-tune access with permission management at the user level. Control call features, enable/disable call forwarding, manage call transcriptions, and set specific work hours to ensure optimal resource allocation.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Set specific working hours for each employee to ensure calls are routed during designated times. Minimize missed opportunities with smart rules for after-hours and seamless call routing to colleagues.

Streamlined User Management

View detailed user profiles, duplicate user workflows, and maintain up-to-date information. Easily look up user records by number or email for efficient management and administrative efficiency.

Complete Control Over Numbers

Request new phone and toll-free numbers, view existing allocations, and manage SMS-enabled numbers. Locate and control numbers with precision for optimized communication infrastructure.

Real-Time Insights and Trends

Monitor calls and messages in real-time. Track live call statuses, analyze call trends, and monitor message trends to optimize communication strategies, enhance customer engagement, and improve operational efficiency.

Enhanced Transparency and Collaboration

Access detailed logs of all interactions. View call statuses, lengths, recordings, and transcriptions to improve training, quality assurance, and team collaboration.

Uniformity and Flexibility

Set company-wide settings, manage custom categories for sales funnels, and standardize business and holiday hours across the organization for consistent operations.

Streamlined Data Access

Quickly retrieve specific information with comprehensive search capabilities. Search through call logs, user profiles, phone numbers, and analytics by name, number, or email for effective communication management.

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