Virtual receptionist at your service

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response automatically directs callers to the right team or person, first time, every time.

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

IVR/Auto Attendant refers to an automated system that interacts with callers, gathers information, and routes calls to the appropriate team member or department within an organization. It serves as a virtual receptionist, providing a streamlined and efficient call management solution.

Transform your customer experience

When customers are waiting in long queues without speaking to anyone from your business, they get bored, frustrated, and want to hang up. IVR directs them to the right place automatically, whilst improving customer service as they don’t go through several people or queues to speak to who they need to. IVR puts the caller in control, ensures calls are answered quickly and boosts customer satisfaction.

Long processes lose business

If your customers are waiting in call queues, with no clear direction of what team or person they will be sent to, your teams are going to waste time directing them to the right place. Automation like IVR protects your business from these losses. IVR is that automated menu you reach when calling a bank, internet provider or any company for that matter. It’s the thing that says: ‘Press 1 for CloudCall does WHAT?, 2 for I need this now, 3 for Where has this been hiding?!’ and so on.

Protect profit margins

Automating manual tasks means your team can spend more time dealing with customers, than directing them to the right place. Investing in an integrated phone system improves your processes massively.

Keep customers happy

Customers are quickly and easily directed to the right place. Long and complicated call queues are a big reason a customer may switch to a competitor.

Be in the know

Your team will know who each customer is when the call reaches them. With just a click, they can view customers CRM record history, to provide the best service possible when answering a call.

How does IVR help my worklife?

Meet Margot*



“My experience of IVR as both a customer service rep, and as a customer, is that it just makes things easier. Instead of being passed around from person to person, customer queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.”

Meet Jerry*



“IVR makes our lives so much easier. Instead of wasting time answering calls just to direct them elsewhere, the robot does all the manual labour for us, so we can focus on providing great support.”

Margot and Jerry aren’t real but there’s 1000s of similar people out there just like them. And maybe you’re one of them. Maybe your team isn’t performing how you’d like them to perform. Maybe business goals aren’t being achieved. Or maybe you’re an agent wondering how you could make your work-life easier – more successful. If you are any of these – give us a call today and see how an integrated telephone could help.

More about IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telecommunications technology that enables automated interactions with callers through voice or touch-tone input. It utilizes pre-recorded voice prompts and menu options to gather information and assist callers with their inquiries or requests. Auto Attendant, on the other hand, specifically refers to the IVR system’s role in answering and directing incoming calls, acting as a virtual receptionist.

IVR/Auto Attendant systems are designed to handle incoming calls and efficiently route them to the appropriate destination within an organization. These systems interact with callers, presenting them with a series of voice prompts or touch-tone options, allowing them to provide input or select from menu choices. Based on the caller’s input, the system routes the call to the desired department, extension, or team member.

Improved Call Management: IVR/Auto Attendant systems enhance call management by automating the initial interaction with callers. Instead of relying on a human receptionist to answer and direct every call, the system efficiently handles incoming calls, reducing wait times, and ensuring callers are promptly directed to the right destination. This improves overall call handling and customer experience.

Efficient Call Routing: By presenting callers with a series of voice prompts or touch-tone options, IVR/Auto Attendant systems enable efficient call routing. Callers can easily select the department or extension they wish to reach, ensuring their calls are directed to the appropriate team or individual without the need for manual intervention. This saves time for both callers and employees.

Personalized and Contextualized Call Handling: IVR/Auto Attendant systems can be configured to provide personalized and contextualized call handling. By gathering information from callers during the initial interaction, such as account numbers or specific needs, the system can route calls based on the caller’s unique requirements. This ensures that callers are connected to the right resources or given relevant information.

24/7 Availability: IVR/Auto Attendant systems offer 24/7 availability, ensuring that calls are always answered and directed, even outside regular business hours. This enables organizations to provide round-the-clock support or information to callers, enhancing customer satisfaction and accessibility.

Scalability and Flexibility: IVR/Auto Attendant systems provide scalability and flexibility for growing organizations. As call volumes increase or new departments are added, the system can easily accommodate the changes and route calls accordingly. This scalability allows organizations to efficiently handle higher call volumes and adapt to evolving business needs.

Call Analytics and Reporting: IVR/Auto Attendant systems often include call analytics and reporting capabilities. These features provide insights into call volumes, call patterns, and customer interactions. Organizations can leverage this data to analyze call performance, identify trends, optimize call routing, and make informed decisions to enhance overall call management and customer service.

Cost Savings: Implementing IVR/Auto Attendant systems can lead to cost savings for organizations. By automating call handling and routing, fewer human resources are required to handle incoming calls, reducing staffing costs. Additionally, the system ensures calls are efficiently directed, minimizing call transfers and reducing the overall time spent on each call.

Professional Image and Branding: IVR/Auto Attendant systems contribute to a professional image and branding for organizations. Callers are greeted with a consistent and professional message, providing a positive impression of the company. This enhances brand identity and creates a polished and professional image. By utilizing IVR/Auto Attendant systems, organizations can project a professional and organized image to their callers, enhancing their reputation and building trust.

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