Reach contacts every time

SMS is the perfect time saving tool to deliver important information to contacts quickly. If your contact can’t take a call, they’re 5 times more likely to open a text than an email.

Capture all communications

Your team can save time on manual processes and stay in touch with contacts with just a click from their laptop, or directly from their phone. With all SMS activity stored into each contact record in your CRM, you don’t have to rely on your team adding details from messages sent using their personal devices, as it will all be there automatically. With SMS your team won’t miss a beat, or a text, or that all important data.

Connect better with customers

Did you know that 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes? Sending a text saves time and money over making a call, and it’s a great way to ensure contacts receive updates and messages. Your team can simply click to send a text and the conversation is captured and stored in the contact’s CRM records.

Reduce time wasted

Automate SMS’ to transform your team’s normal working day, making communications quicker, easier and more efficient. Use SMS automation to send pre-written SMS templates with just a click, to follow up a call, send an invitation or an update to your contacts. Simply build rapport through more touch points to close more deals and hit revenue goals faster.

Gain insight from your SMS efforts

SMS Reports allow you to easily analyse metrics including open rates, click-through rates, and conversation rates (just to name a few!). Understanding just how effective your SMS efforts are will highlight areas of improvement so you make changes and data-driven decisions.

Engage your contacts

Every time your team hits a voicemail is an opportunity missed. Ensure you are engaging with each and every contact by following up with an SMS.

Build better relationships

Sending a follow up SMS will help to build rapport with your customers, boosting response rates and increasing your chances of making a sale and providing the best service possible.

On the go

Teams that are away from the office often default to using their personal devices. This means that not every communication is captured, reducing visibility and increasing admin. With our mobile app you have CloudCall in your pocket.

How does SMS help my worklife?

Meet Margot*



“Anything that saves time and reduces admin gets a thumbs up from me. Switching between my work laptop and my personal mobile is such a chore, as I lose all the data and notes. Now I can be sure that this is kept to a minimum as the information is captured as I send each SMS.”

Meet Jerry*



“SMS really helps to get the job done. SMS automation helps me complete more tasks, easily, as I can set up the workflows and let CloudCall do the rest. “

Margot and Jerry aren’t real but there’s 1000s of similar people out there just like them. And maybe you’re one of them. Maybe your team isn’t performing how you’d like them to perform. Maybe business goals aren’t being achieved. Or maybe you’re an agent wondering how you could make your work-life easier – more successful. If you are any of these – give us a call today and see how an integrated telephone could help.

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