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Say goodbye to desk phones, manually dialling numbers and missing data. A VoIP powered softphone is like a supercharged version of your physical handset. It’s clearer, cheaper, and a whole lot cooler.

What is Softphone?

Softphone is an application program that facilitates voice calls from devices connected to the internet. Unlike traditional telephones, Softphones leverage Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to transmit voice data over the internet. This innovation eliminates the need for physical hardware and allows users to make voice calls using their computers, smartphones, tablets, or other internet-enabled devices.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, allows you to make calls from anywhere with an internet connection. It also offers a wealth of additional features that a traditional phone system can’t offer, such as Call Recording, Click to Call and the Power Dialer.

Hang up the hardware

All your team needs to make a call is their laptop and an internet connection. As long as they have both, they’re good to go! Enable them to make more calls, spend less time on manual processes and close more deals by switching to a cloud-based phone system. With a softphone’s huge range of additional features, you’ll get a birds-eye view of all your team’s communications.

Quicker, smarter, easier

With a physical landline, your business is losing time and money. Your team waste time putting in numbers, you need a physical landline connection and most importantly, all the information about your team’s calls are lost. Making the switch to a VoIP softphone will instantly protect your profits.

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CloudCall Communicator Softphone features

Call Notes

It’s time to ditch those unruly, unorganised post-it notes covered in customer information! Call Notes allow you to make a note of everything that’s discussed in a call while it’s happening. And the best part… everything will be automatically synced back to that customers CRM record, so you can look back on any previous conversations and follow up tasks if they call again.

Call Controls

Switching to a softphone doesn’t mean missing out on all those traditional call controls. In fact, you’ll probably end up with even more of them! With the CloudCall softphone, you can mute/unmute, adjust call volume, put calls on hold, transfer calls to the next available person, and a whole lot more, all from your softphone dial pad.

Call Groups

Directing customer calls to the right department is vital for a good customer experience. Using Call Groups means you can group all team members from a specific department together, for example Sales or Customer Service, so you can be sure that customers are reaching the team that they need, first time, every time.

Call Splitting

If you’re working from home, or your job requires you to be out and about, Call Splitting ensures that you never miss a call. Your team and your customers can get hold of you whether you’re on your mobile, desk phone, or softphone.

Conference Calls

Manually dialling multiple people into a conference call can take a lot of time, and before you know it, you’re already half way through your allocated meeting time! Not good! With a softphone, you can simply click on a phone number in your CRM, and that person will be added to the call. It’s fast, simple, and effective.


Obtaining consent to record and store calls is a must have for GDPR compliance, but it can sometimes take more time than it should to get the recording going after consent has been given. But not with CloudCall! Our intelligent phone system recognises when verbal consent has been given, and automatically starts to record the call. Neat, huh?


It’s true, things don’t always go to plan when you’re on the phone to a customers. So if things are going south, Disconnect allows you to end the call at any time. Plus, during conference calls, Disconnect will end the call for everyone involved.


Taking some time off? Ensure your customers are still able to get the help they need by Forwarding your calls to another colleague or group that can access their CRM record. Or, if you’d rather, you can forward any calls to your voicemail safe in the knowledge they’ll be there for you to work through when you return.


Working from home or in a different country to the rest of your team means that you don’t always know when your manager or colleagues are available. It’s not as easy as just walking over to see if they’re at their desk or on the phone. But we’ve got the next best thing… Presence! It visibly displays the availability of you and your team so you know when to get in touch with them, and they know when to get in touch with you.

Queue Callback

Hey there superstar, got people queueing to get on the phone with you? Go you! To make things easier for them, why not give them the option to leave you a voicemail or arrange a callback at a later time? That way, their time isn’t being wasted, and you can still get to all of their calls.


We’ve misplaced the odd voicemail, or saved it to the wrong customer. It’s what happened when your voicemails stored in a different place to all of your other customer information. Not with CloudCall, though! If you can’t get to a call and the caller leaves a voicemail, it’ll be emailed straight to your inbox, and stored into that customers CRM record to be accessed at any time.

How does a VoIP Softphone help my worklife?

Meet Margot*



“Swapping our landlines to softphones is like switching from DVDs to streaming. It just makes everything so much faster and simpler.”

Meet Jerry*



“If you’re not using softphones, your business is being left in the past. Ditch the physical phones and switch to softphones, you won’t regret it.”

Margot and Jerry aren’t real but there’s 1000s of similar people out there just like them. And maybe you’re one of them. Maybe your team isn’t performing how you’d like them to perform. Maybe business goals aren’t being achieved. Or maybe you’re an agent wondering how you could make your work-life easier – more successful. If you are any of these – give us a call today and see how an integrated telephone could help.

More about Softphone

Cost-Effective Communication

In the world of telecommunications, cost-effectiveness is a key consideration. Softphones eliminate the need for dedicated hardware, which can be expensive to purchase and maintain. By leveraging internet connectivity, Softphone significantly reduces communication costs, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility and mobility are essential. Softphones allow users to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection, empowering remote and mobile workforces. This flexibility enhances productivity and ensures seamless communication even when employees are on the move.

Streamlined Communication Infrastructure

In the digital era, streamlining communication infrastructure is vital. Softphones integrate seamlessly with existing telephony systems and software applications, optimizing communication workflows. This integration ensures a cohesive communication ecosystem, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

Unified Communication

Softphones facilitate unified communication by integrating voice calling with other communication channels such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and collaboration tools. This unified approach promotes seamless communication and simplifies interaction between team members and customers.

Feature-Rich Functionality

Softphones offer a wide range of feature-rich functionality, comparable to traditional phone systems. Users can enjoy call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and conference calling, among other capabilities. This robust functionality enhances communication experiences and empowers users with versatile tools.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

In the realm of customer-centricity, enhancing customer engagement is paramount. Softphones allow businesses to offer personalized and efficient customer service through voice calls. The ability to access customer information and CRM data during calls enables agents to provide a more tailored experience.

Security and Encryption

Data security is of utmost importance in telecommunications. Softphones incorporate robust encryption protocols to protect voice data during transmission. This security measure ensures that voice calls remain confidential and safeguarded from potential threats.

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