Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows voice calls to be made and received over the internet. Unlike a traditional copper wire phone network (Publicly Switched Telephone Network), VoIP technology works by converting voice signals into digital data packets that are sent over an IP network. When the packets reach their destination, they are decompressed into recognisable audio signals for recipients.

The benefits of VoIP

A major advantage of VoIP is that platforms like CloudCall can integrate calls and data directly into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) syncs data between the two platforms and removes the need to invest in and maintain on-premise telephony hardware. When calls are made using a softphone like CloudCall Communicator, call handlers save valuable time not having to dial manually, instead, saving time by making each call with a single click.

And there’s more wins. Because all call logs, records and texts are synced with an integration, call handlers have access to real-time data and do not have to rely on making or finding up-to-date notes on different devices. Multiple SMS broadcasts can be sent with a click of a button, and calls can be made in quick succession with power dialling. When calls go unanswered, pre-recorded voicemails can be sent instantly, and by accessing a mobile app, calls and contacts can be managed while out of the office or working remotely.

There’s no barrier to growing your business at scale either. Unlike rigid, traditional phone networks, adding new employees is simple, seamless and low cost with VoIP telephony. Reaching out to and establishing a presence in new regional or international locations is maximised through the adoption of local area numbers too, a feature proven to increase call pick-up rates.

And we can’t forget about data. High-quality data inherent with a CTI integration means useful call analytics can be gleaned and used to generate effective KPIs. Regularly tapping into reliable customer records and contact history also leads to a more rewarding experience for system users now more able to perfect their pitch and drive more sales. Thank you, VoIP.

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