The phones are still ringing: why the phone call is top dog

In a world full of emails, texts, ‘likes’ and carrier pigeons (we mis them), our research shows that the phone call is still the most popular avenue for businesses and customers. We may not be at our desks right now, but the phones are still ringing.

Our research shows that 69% of businesses have seen a growth in inbound call volumes in the last two years.

52% of those businesses say it’s because customers prefer to talk to someone.

But why are customers still calling?

Most of the time, customers call to get a solution to a problem and to get an immediate response. Just like if you called a business, customers prefer to speak to a human over any other form of contact.

It’s important that businesses are listening to what their customers want. From our research it’s clear that customers opt to speak to an agent on the phone, to resolve their urgent queries, quickly.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses recently have been dealing with the rise in call volumes whilst working remotely.

Post-pandemic ways of working

Luckily, phone systems don’t need to be tied to a physical desk in an office anymore. With VoIP systems such as CloudCall, you can work from anywhere.

In 2021, giving customers access to the right channel at the right time is a priority for 78% of businesses, with 45% saying it will be critical to their success.

As businesses start to move towards post pandemic ways of working, a lot will be wondering how they could have been better prepared, and telephony is a great place to start.

Keep your customers happy

We recently commissioned a series of research papers, to explore how businesses are using phone calls to have more productive communications with their customers.

In our new eBook ‘Keep your customers happy’, we examine why the use of telephony is increasing and how businesses are managing these changes.

Keeping your customers happy and quality phone conversations: it just clicks.

To find out more about how a telephony integration can help your business in 2021, please click here.