Everything You Need To Wnow About CloudCall for Zoho CRM Integration

Everything you need to know about the CloudCall for Zoho CRM integration

Everything you need to know… about the CloudCall for Zoho CRM integration

As we launch CloudCall for Zoho CRM, Nadzeya Sinitsa, Product Owner and Zoho CRM expert, provides us with everything we need to know about the new integration in a quick Q&A…

What features can users expect from the new integration with Zoho CRM?

CloudCall for Zoho makes it easier for businesses to offer a better customer experience while receiving or making phone calls. With single-click dialling, screen pops for incoming calls, and automatic call logging, you can manage all call-related activities inside CloudCall for Zoho CRM.

The new release includes SMS features, such as; one-to-one messages, SMS broadcasts and templates and instant messaging features.

How can users utilise the features within CloudCall for Zoho CRM?

There are many ways users can take advantage of the features on offer in the CRM integration, here are the top 3;

  1. You can reach contacts quickly through using broadcast messaging to deliver important messages to target key groups, which will help boost response rates.
  2. You can create SMS templates for engaging text message campaigns and to communicate effectively.
  3. You can also utilise the integration to automate note-taking tasks.

What are the benefits of CloudCall for Zoho CRM?

I could talk about the benefits of CloudCall for Zoho CRM all day!

With CloudCall for Zoho CRM the beauty is that comms and collaboration tools are in one single interface, which is a massive benefit for the user. You can also capture all your important communications and interactions, saved within the Zoho CRM, ensuring that you have an overview of every successful conversation.

The interface is also easy for users to adopt as there’s one single interface of CloudCall within Zoho CRM, which improves all round communication.

How does CloudCall for Zoho CRM make life easier for users?

There are a lot of ways CloudCall for Zoho CRM makes life easier for users, I’ve listed five ways below:

  1. Users can capture all important conversations via call notes, call recordings and SMS activity history and store them in one central environment.
  2. Users can utilise one tool to communicate with their entire customer and prospect base directly within CloudCall for Zoho CRM.
  3. The number of conversations that sales reps have will increase due to the power dialler and broadcast SMS messages features enabling them to reach more people quickly and easily.
  4. CloudCall for Zoho CRM provides a seamless user experience for colleagues where they can access all communication and collaboration tools in one place.
  5. Users can enhance CRM contact information by keeping records of interactions across different channels within the CRM.

Interested in learning more? See our product in action here.

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